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Marvel screened Captain America: Civil War last night for members of press in Los Angeles. Well, full reviews of Civil War will not hit internet until April 13, as there is an embargo on full reviews but it couldn't stop them from sharing their reactions to different social media platforms, specifically twitter.

People seem to absolutely love the film, with special shout outs going to Tom Holland as Spider Man and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. The big airport fight sequence is also getting much appreciation. Twitter is flooded with praise for the film:

Praise For Spider Man And Black Panther

Action Sequences, Especially Airport Fight Scene

IMDB User Review

*This review may contain spoilers.

This reviewer is one of the lucky ones to see the film early, as he explained his thoughts about the film:

"Now that the Embargo is Lifted, I can post my Civil War Review. I'm gonna try to avoid things that other reviewers already touched base on to not waste your time. Captain America Civil War is another incredible movie produced by the same capable hands that brought you the Winter Soldier.

I had gone on in rooting for and having alliegance to Team Cap, but walked out of the theater unsure to whose side i should really be on. I was pleasantly overjoyed by the action scenes this movie brought to the table,the film not wasting any time and jumping into a action packed mission from the very start. One of my biggest fears walking into the theater to see this film was thar the large cast of characters would feel bloated and over done. However, the balance of rach characters proportion of screen time was divided out perfectly, giving everyone time to shine.

The introduction of Black Panther in this film was a emaculate one, providinf further hype for the solo movie to come. Spiderman was also a fantastic addition, having just enough screen time and delivering some humor along the way to become a fan favorite among the audience.

Zemo, while a smaller role, was very well executed, setting him up for a possible expanded role in future Mcu films. But ny far the most awe inspiring and nerdy perfection of this film is the airport battle. Its so well done and flawless it will leave the audience in awe.

Overall, Captain America Civil War is another successful feat that will not only make tons of revenue, but will also leave fans wanting more."

Its an early call but for now, Russo brothers has done the job again as the early reactions for the film are almost positive. Lets see what the critics will say about it, as Batman v Superman suffered a lot after getting panned by critcs and audience also gave it a 'B' cinemascore.


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