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As far as exploitation slasher films go, this is one to definitely give you a thorough look into the mind of a psychopath. When the remake came out in 2012 I was very interested in seeing it and had little knowledge of there being an original film until I did some research about a few months following the 2012 release. Needless to say, the remake was on Netflix for quite some time and while I had it added to my list, I failed to watch it until it was finally removed.

About a few days ago as I was talking to my older brother, he informed me that the original 1980 version of Maniac was on ‘El Rey Network’ on Demand. After telling me what the concept of the film was I absolutely HAD to see it, which leads us to this classic horror movie review.

Directed by William Lustig and both written and starred in by Joe Spinell and C.A. Rosenberg, the film is about a man with deep childhood troubles and abuse caused by his own mother (Joe Spinell) who grows up to be a vicious serial killer who targets sleazy women in the city of New York. It would be too easy to just kill these women… he was lonely and kept mannequins, dressed in the scalps and hair of the women he butchered. Befriending a woman whose profession is photographing models, he spends the majority of the film trying to fight his urge to kill her until the very end.

When I first started watching this movie I had no idea what to expect and one of the very things I adored about it was how unpredictable and original the ending was. If you watch it, it’s honestly something you’d never expect. This is one 80’s slasher film that shocked me to the very core. All of the makeup was done by Tom Savini, so if you’re a horror fan you should know how well done Tom’s work is. I recommend this movie to all horror fans and classic horror fans alike. It’s definitely something I plan on adding to my collection.


5 0ut of 5 skulls


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