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Time for part of this series. Instead of boring you with an intro, how about we get right into the list. This one is not Marvel Comics heavy.


Joker is by far the most popular fictional villains of all time. His persona in the comic books is unparalleled, the way he has been portrayed in movies have been flawless, and Mark Hamill's Joker laugh is iconic. And his rivalry with Batman over the years is the stuff of legends. Joker shows exactly what it means to be a nemesis. He doesn't plan on killing Batman and he doesn't care who Batman really is. All he wants to do is drive Batman crazy and cause as much emotional and physical pain as possible while doing it. Joker's job seems to be over when Batman kills him thus making Batman break his one rule. I may say Sabretooth is the more vicious than Joker, but at least Sabretooth will kill you at some point. Joker is all about the torture.

For Example:

Killing Joke is the best example to show what Joker is all about. Knowing exactly who is close to Batman, Joker set out to do one of the most despicable things I've seen in comics and he succeeded. He went to Commissioner Gordon's house, shot and paralyzed his daughter Barbara (Batgirl), took photos of her naked (possibly raped her), and took Gordon away and used him as bait for Batman. While Joker waited for Batman to arrive, Joker made Gordon look at all of the naked pictures of his daughter and everything he did to her. Why? To prove a point no one, not even Batman, will understand.

Wesley Gibson:

Forget the Wanted movie that came out a while ago. That was nothing like the comic book. While James McAvoy may have been able to curve a bullet in the movie, that's a parlor trick compared to what Wesley Gibson is capable of doing in the comic book. Wesley is beyond fast, more accurate than Bullseye, more versed in guns than the Punisher and more deadly than Deathstroke. Gibson is a legacy in a fraternity of villains that got rid of the heroes a long time ago. Not because there was some magical loom telling them to kill people. They did it because they were tired of the heroes beating them when they clearly outnumbered them by a large margin. Maybe if they do a remake or a sequel, they'll base it off the comic.

For Example:

Once upon a time, Wesley Gibson was a guy who cared too much about everything. That all changed when Fox came to his door and told him to leave this life of nothingness and train to become the man he was destined to be. During his rigorous training to remake him into a killer was the ability to kill indiscriminately. Gibson passed that class with flying colors. So much so that he will kill, rape, and rob anyone just because he can and he knows he will get away with it. He's actually walked into a police station and killed everyone there just because he was lost in life. He's a sick bastard that no one should want trailing them. Because he will kill you and not think about it after he's done.


Cold, dead eyes of Butcher.
Cold, dead eyes of Butcher.

Think of Butcher as a British Nick Fury with super strength that gives less of a **** about the people he's fighting. Fury may be all about killing and saving the world, but Butcher just wants to the guy who killed his wife dead. Butcher is in charge of a five person crew put together to keep super powered people in check. When Butcher was younger, he was always getting into fights for foolish reasons. As an adult and thanks to the love of a woman, Butcher learned to keep his attitude in check a bit. But keeping his anger in check doesn't mean he's not ruthless. Butcher is aggressive and violent and can get creative when he's fighting. That on top of his super strength makes him one heck of problem to deal with.

For Example:

Like Nick Fury, Butcher is a man that understands the value of waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Butcher waited years before killing the man who rape lead to the death of his wife. Butcher sat and talked to the guy who he suspected assaulted his wife, accepted their truce agreement, and even though he knew that he could kill him at any moment, Butcher knew it wasn't time. Now, when the time was right, Butcher put his plan in motion and struck. Butcher's plan didn't stop with the death of Homelander and Black Noir. That was personal. His plan ended with the death of all super powered beings on the planet. Including those he considered friends. When they got in his way, Butcher killed them too.


According to Romulus, he's been around since cavemen were scared of the dark. He says he lived through and orchestrated some of the greatest wars in the world. With him, he had one black haired lupine minion who would do his bidding. More recently, that lupine was Wolverine. All of the horrible things Logan did in his past were done because Romulus pulled the strings to make it happen. Every innocent person Wolverine killed was because he was ordered or tricked into doing by Romulus. Even his first fight with the Hulk was set up so Logan would join the X-Men and kill Professor Xavier. It may not have worked, but Romulus still stayed in the shadows controlling a lot of the world's events without ever being seen.

For Example:

Romulus may be a great fighter, but he does not like to leave the shadows for more reasons than just being seen. In most cases, seeing people you care about being hurt is worse than going through it yourself. What Romulus will do is take everything and everyone you love and hurt them to hurt you. The best example of this is when Romulus had Winter Soldier (Bucky) kill Logan's wife while she was pregnant with their son. Logan found her dead and went crazy (shocking). What Logan didn't know is that their child survived his mother's death (that good ol' healing factor). Romulus would raise Daken to hate his father for leaving him even though Logan knew nothing about it. Romulus has probably destroyed more lives than any comic book person ever due to being alive for centuries.


Bishop used to be one of the X-Men that his team could count on. He said he came to the past to prevent his future from ever happening. No one knew that in order to prevent that future, Bishop believed he would have to kill a baby before she grew up. Bishop believed that the first mutant to be born since M-Day would set the events in motion for mutant prison camps. Bishop kept this secret for years and when Hope was born, Bishop attempted to kill her. Thankfully, Cable was their to stop him.

For Example:

Bishop literally destroyed parts of the world to get to Cable and Hope (see picture above). He figured that the more of the future he destroyed, the amount of futures Cable and Hope could run to would get smaller. He didn't care what happened to the innocent people who burned in a chemical forest fire that burns long into the future. Nor did he care about poisoning a country's water supply that left people dead from dehydration. All Bishop knew was that Hope needed to die so his future would never come to pass. When his eye are set on a mission, he goes right it and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Thanks for reading. I'm sure (as always) I missed some people. Who are the characters you think are the most ruthless? Let me know in the comments below.


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