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I can't believe we're less than a month away until [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) hit theaters! Let's just say, I made the movie interesting with a little side-action about Suicide Squad and Civil War. I believe that Civil War will be just as big as Age of Ultron and probably out-gross the new Star Wars movie as well. Basically, it'll be the highest-grossing movie in 2016. The new Marvel movie will be chocked-full of characters and will have little time introducing new characters besides Spider-Man and Black Panther. So, why do I think Marvel's Royal Family will finally get a shout-out in Cap's final movie for Phase III?

For all of us who are lucky enough to watch ABC's Agents of Shield, then we know a thing or two about Inhumans. Marvel won't see X-Men for a very long time (if ever), but luckily for Marvel they have a group of alien/hybrids called Inhumans that make for fine replacements for mutants. They debuted in 1965 in an issue of The Fantastic Four. Agents of Shield explained that the Kree came to Earth and experimented on humans to try to build weapons for their empire. Each transformation of an eligible individual fills a specific need at the time through a process called Terrigenesis.

One of my favorite characters on television, Quake, is an amazing Inhuman with extraordinary powers of manipulating vibrations. Without the rights to mutants, you can expect Inhumans to dominate Phase 4 of Marvel's MCU.

Their backstory is quite fascinating and they're barely scratching the surface on Agents of Shield of how many they're really are in the world. Since there has been no word on The Royals -- or any other of these amazing heroes, you must conclude they live on the Blue Area of the Moon. Let's just say that Thanos might attack their slice of paradise on the moon and then they might have to call a realtor in their solo movie.

So, why are they important?

Firstly, it's getting close to The Avengers: Infinity War in Marvel's MCU. The television side of Marvel won't play a factor in Thanos' reign of terror. Joe and Anthony Russo basically told us this, therefore there are a few extra spots to fill in that huge roster of characters. In previous Marvel's Event Comics, The Royals played a huge part in fighting Thanos on numerous occasions. There's no better way for The Inhumans to be introduced then Blackbolt yelling at The Mad Titan and showing that he slightly damages him with his sonic-powers that could desolate cities. Inhumans are Marvel's MCU equivalent to the X-Men and do you really think they would waste an opportunity to advertise these awesome heroes in their biggest event-to-date?

If they don't mention The Uncanny Inhumans in Civil War, then when is the next best chance? The Inhumans moved from the middle of Atlantic to the Blue Area of the Moon in a place called Attilan; due disease from mankind and the fact that they're basically a different specie altogether. In Marvel's three upcoming space operas (GotG 2 ,Thor: Ragnarok, Captain Marvel) -- I don't see how they'll mention these Kree-hybrids other than post-credits scenes. Captain Marvel makes sense, but I don't think it would be wise to overshadow Marvel's first-female led movie with a different race of heroes. And to be honest, in GotG Vol. 2, they could mention them depending on who Quill's father turns out to be.

This is Marvel's biggest movie until their huge brawl with that big, ugly, purple guy. It'd be in The House of Ideas best interest to introduce these characters in Cap's last stand -- and not in The Avengers: Infinity War because there'll be a lot going on to include such a monster cast of people. If they play any part against the fight with Thanos, then we need to know about them now.

The Main Reason

I'm an avid fan of Marvel Television and I refuse to believe that I'm the only one annoyed by the fact that the show is introducing a colony for Inhumans (again) and still no mention of it on the big screen. All I want is some sort of acknowledgment that these Inhumans exists outside the television realm. A lot of people will argue that Marvel is interconnected, but they must not pay attention to behind-the-scenes action(fighting) between Feige and Perlmutter. Civil War is about the government wanting tighter restrictions on the enhanced-individuals that populate our world. President Ellis just appeared on AOS and he knows about The Inhumans. If Marvel's MCU refuses to recognize their existence until their solo movie; then it could generate some nasty word-of-mouth for the amazing MCU. I honestly don't understand why they just can't briefly mention The Inhumans to shut-up fanboys like myself!

Baron Zemo will say something about Inhumans to The Avengers to get the ball-rolling in Phase III. This is too juicy of a nugget to pass up not foreshadowing future events in the MCU. You can't be one of the biggest evildoers on the planet and not know about a plethora of enhanced-individuals. This would make me think less of Helmut Zemo and I think it'll undercut the awesomeness at Marvel if I don't hear Inhuman, or Terrigen.


I can't wait for all things Marvel this upcoming year. Also, I can't tell you why it bugs the holy-hell out of me that these super-powered individuals are walking around and The Avengers seem not to care. I understand why Marvel Netflix's heroes won't be in Civil War and ABC's Agents of Shield -- but to not mention these powerful people in the larger MCU is a huge mistake. I don't care if they're not shown until their solo movie, but their presence should be known from here on out. Either way, I can't wait to see Captain America: Civil War in theaters on May 6th in the United States!

What do you think about The Inhumans?


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