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*This is the synopsis of a guy that's drinks, blacks out and switch to a whole different personality*

People drink alcohol for all sort of reasons, some think it's a way of solving their problems or helping them forget about it, some drink just to have a good time. Among all these at the end u wake up the next day with a headache and a vague recollection of ur activities the previous night, this is hangover and the forgetfulness was a blackout. Most of the activities that happen during a blackout could be ur inner passion, something you've always wanted to do or just a practical cluster of the activities or something u came across and is still somewhere hidden in ur memories.

James West is an accountant that got fired for his incompetence and lack of seriousness. This situation lead him to resort to alcohol for the first time and on frequent occasions and keeps waking up with a hangover with no vivid recollection of what happened before. One morning after one his blackout episodes he turns on the TV to watch the news and sees a witness from a casino describing a man who hit a record setting jackpot the night before during a game of poker. James remembering that not only was he there the description also matches his but with no recollection of playing poker. He tries to open the closet for an outfit and in there is a brief case with bricks of money. Just then someone knocks his door and opens to find a Chinese mob from the casino who torture him to make him confess his secret and who helped him make those wins. ...

...It is later found out that James blacks out into a 3 digit IQ genius and does the extra ordinary.

*this is just a synopsis of an proposed story for TV "THE BLACKOUT GENIUS" *

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