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The Arrowverse is big! And by big, I mean absolutely GIGANTIC! One of the reasons I am saying this, is because of the sheer amount of characters there are. But not all of the characters are in plain sight - they're hiding! And that is my job, to search for them, and shine a light on them, and, well, I've done some digging within all of the shows, live action, animated, spin-offs, and crossovers - and you'd be surprised by what I found! This will be part two of a trilogy, so if you're interested in the original article, check it out here: The 10 Biggest Characters You Didn't Know Existed Within The Arrowverse!

Green Lantern

Let's start off with the most obvious one I left out in the first article: Green Lantern. Many people have wanted GL to come to Arrow, mainly Hal Jordan, given his relationship with Oliver Queen in the comics. While this is unlikely to happen due to the unrelated Green Lantern Corps movie coming out in 2020, we still get many references that point to Hal Jordan's existence. Throughout Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, we have had many references to Coast City and Ferris Air, the city Hal lives in and the place he works at. But the two biggest and most interesting easter eggs, are these: In the first episode of Season 4, while Oliver Queen and Amanda Waller are in a bar in Coast City, we see a man wearing a jacket that many pilots wear with the name Jordan on it, and while this may not be him, it probably is. The other big easter egg is in The Flash episode "Rogue Air," in which Barry Allen mentions that Ferris Air shut down after one of their test pilots disappeared. So right now, Hal Jordan is probably doing things like battling aliens while Green Arrow fights Damien Darhk and the Flash Battles Zoom.

Felix Faust

This one may be a little more obvious if you watched the amazing short-lived Constantine series. But, yes, since the show crossed over with Arrow, this means that Felix Faust, the magician known as one of the Justice League's first big villains, is roaming around in the Arrowverse (because let's face it, he can't be dead after what happened to him). I am still hoping for some kind of a continuation of Constantine, or at least more appearances of Matt Ryan as the Hellblazer, because I think it still could happen. And if this does happen, Felix Faust should be another to return, since he provides great story, and proves to be a formidable villain to John Constantine and crew.

Sgt. Rock

Sgt. Rock isn't a well known character (at least I don't think he is), and I barely even know him. But he was a World War II veteran that led Easy Company in the war. In the comics his fate is unclear and confusing, so I'm not going to get into that. But we know he once lived in the Arrowverse, thanks to Legends of Tomorrow. In an episode (I am unclear on which one), inside of the Waverider we can see the helmet of Sgt. Rock. So Rip Hunter once knew Rock, and possibly fought with him, and maybe he died and Rip kept his helmet to remember him. The other reference to him is in the Arrow Season 2 finale, is which Amanda Waller is notified that "Easy Company" failed to stop the threat imposed by Slade Wilson.

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

We have had so many references and appearances of KORD Industries that it's just weird that we haven't seen the character yet. Given, Brandon Routh was supposed to play the character in the third season of Arrow, but he was switched to Ray Palmer, the ATOM. This is probably due to the Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie that's in development, but it still would be nice to see him. We have even heard Ted Kord named a couple times, one of which Robert Queen was supposed to go to something being hosted by Ted Kord.

Swamp Thing

Okay, here me out on good ol' Alec Holland. Before the Constantine TV series ever even aired on TV, NBC released an image of John Constantine holding his business card with a phone number for the fans to call. If you called, John would tell you that if you're looking for Alec Holland, try the bloody swamp. Now, this isn't exactly canon in the Arrowverse, but it was heavily implied and rumored that Alec Holland would eventually make it onto the show. Also, in an actual episode, John is looking at his scry map and by a river/swamp the name Alex Holland is visible. And this was something in the past, so it's confusing. But what I think it is, is that Alex Holland is an old relative of Alec, and he lived decades before he was ever even born.

Mirror Master

This is one that may prove to be a problem in the future of the Arrowverse, and in particular, The Flash. In the old The Flash show, in 1990, we saw Samuel Scudder, going by the nickname Mirror Master. He was a criminal who used holograms projected by small mirrored disks to commit his heists. But we also know that this old series takes place in the same Multiverse as the Arrowverse. Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, Vixen, and Legends of Tomorrow all take place on Earth-1, while the world of Supergirl is nicknamed Earth-3 by fans like me. But I have gone a step further, and I have nicknamed the old 1990 The Flash series Earth-4. But because Mirror Master exists on Earth-4, that means he has a doppelgänger on Earth-1. So Sam Scudder exists on Earth-1, even if he isn't Mirror Master. But if the producers of The Flash don't get David Cassidy to play their version of Mirror Master, since they have shown their desire to use the character, it will create a big problem.

Talia al Ghul

In a recent episode of Legends of Tomorrow, we saw the return of Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. We saw them in 1960, but along with her father, we saw Talia al Ghul. I was very unimpressed with what they did with her in the episode, because it felt like a mere cameo. But hopefully, since her future is completely unknown, we will see more of her.


Another character's existence thanks to Constantine. In a couple of episodes of that series, in John's room full of old relics and famous DC Comics items, Pandora's Box can be seen. Pandora's Box is apart of Pandora's origin, in which centuries ago when she was a mortal she opened this box that released the terrors of man into the world. Eventually, her, along with the Phantom Stranger and the Question, was sentenced to eternal punishments. We have only seen the box in the Arrowverse, so we have no idea what is going on with Pandora, but she is out there. And actually, in my opinion, a Pandora or Trinity of Sin (Pandora, the Question, the Phantom Stranger) TV show would be a great new addition to the Arrowverse, or you could always give them a role on LoT.

Doctor Light (Arthur Light)

We already know about the Linda Park version of Doctor Light, but did you know there might be another version running around on Earth-1? Well, it's true, because in the Arrow Season 2 episode "The Man Under the Hood", Cisco Ramon and Caitlyn Snow make an appearance alongside S.T.A.R. Labs. They use a light-based weapon to fight Deathstroke. But they mention that Arthur Light, an employee of S.T.A.R. Labs, was the one who created it, but was fired two years before "because he was a pyscho."


This is by far the most interesting one to me, and again, it's thanks to Constantine. In the Constantine episode "The Rage of Caliban," towards the end you can spot a young trick-or-treater dressed as Robin, the vigilante sidekick of Batman. At first, you would think this is just a little nod to the character, and initially, it was. But now that Constantine has crossed over with Arrow, we know that the show is apart of the Arrowverse. But, the thing about that is that we know Batman exists in the Arrowverse. From the 'Wayne Tech/Queen Inc Merger Complete" newspaper from the future, the cameo of Harley Quinn, the reference that the second Count Vertigo added a fear toxin to the drug while he was outside of Starling City (which could be a reference to Scarecrow), it is very clear that he exists. So what does that mean for the Robin trick-or-treater? My theory is that in Gotham City, a year or so before Arrow Season 1, Bruce Wayne became Batman in Gotham City. Throughout the years he has been active but is only really a myth, and he only goes by "The Bat", and that is why we have never heard anyone mention Batman in Gotham. The only people who have seen him are criminals and crazies, like the Joker, so who would believe someone as crazy as the Joker when he mentions he was taken down by a "Bat-man"? But I think that eventually Batman took on a sidekick, Robin, who was maybe Dick Grayson. Maybe then word got around of these two vigilantes in Gotham City. Somehow this kid in Constantine heard of Batman and Robin, and decided to dress up as Robin for Halloween.

Well there you have it. That is my second list of characters that you might not have known existed in the Arrowverse. Remember, this is part 2 of a trilogy of articles, and the first is out right now, and if you'd like to read it, here it is: The 10 Biggest Characters You Didn't Know Existed Within The Arrowverse!

Did you know any of these characters existed in the Arrowverse? Are their any other characters I might have missed that I can include on my next article? Please, let me know!


Which character did you not know existed in the Arrowverse?


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