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Do you like Dorian Pavus? Of course you do, everyone loves Dorian Pavus. According to survey done by Dorian himself, he's the most well liked character in the entire Inquisition. The accuracy of the survey might be questionable, though. Well, if you're a fan of the character then Parle Productions has something that will sate your need for more Dorian. They've recently released a video called "Dorian Time" where the man with the mustache himself talks through various topics like the goings on of the Inquisition, the finer points of Orlesian wine, and the most important topic of all, Dorian himself. Take a look at the first episode below.

Jack aka FlamboyantWreck does a pretty good job embodying the Tevinter Altus in this hilarious video series. He's the spitting image of Dorian so that helps a lot as well. The first episode got such a positive response that they decided to make a second one and it's even better than the first. The biggest highlight is Dorian's own rendition of the iconic and overly quoted Old Spice commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa.

For more of Parle Productions' work, make sure to check out their Youtube page and for more of Jack, pop on over to his Twitter and say hello. Links down below.

Whose your favorite character from Dragon Age: Inquisition?


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