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Everything I tell you in this article is completely and utterly true. If anyone has any further information about what I saw, please let me know.

I was out with my two brothers and my dad fishing at around twelve in the morning. Me being maybe twelve or thirteen at the time, William was older, and Jason was younger. We were on a bridge that stood over a large body of water. I was honestly becoming a bit bored, since we had been fishing for the past hour. The only real exciting thing that had happened was when my dad hooked a skate. It was a kick watching him struggle to maintain the pole. He had let out a mean stream of curses when his line snapped, signaling his loss in the battle.

The area was surrounded by forest, and was beautifuly lit by the night sky. I would look over the bridge's wall countless times just to see the moon's light reflecting off of the dark, steady waves. The bridge wasn't made of wood, but concrete. It was strange looking, now that I think about it. Instead ov being only about three feet off the surface of the water, it was maybe ten or fifteen. I assumed that it was made for walking, or riding, across. It was narrow, but just wide enough to fit three average people side by side.

Upon stating that I wasn't having much fun, William lead Jason and I down to a large blackberry bush. It was set just next to the beginning of the bridge, so my dad could still see us. With our group, we had four dogs. It seems like a lot, I know, but we currently still have only two of said four dogs. Tragedies happen, I suppose. Back to the story. Two of the dogs were German Shepherds, the dogs we have currently. Other than them, we had a Border Collie and a Foxhound-Akita mix (A very beautiful dog. Tall and slender, but with just the right amount of muscle. He was all white with the exception of fawn points and freckles. Also very, very fast.)

Here's the confusing, but necessary, part. The female German Shepherd was Charlie. The male German Shepherd was Simon. The Foxhound mix was Buddy, and the Border Collie was Sophie. Okay, we've got that down. On with the occurrence. We weren't really collecting the berries, it was more of a pick-and-eat thing. Every now and then one of us would shout out, startled by the sudden prick of their finger from a thorn. Charlie and Buddy were my personal dogs, leaving Jason with Sophie, and my dad with Simon.

As I was feeling around for berries with Charlie sitting at my side, Jason left to give my dad some. I turned around to watch him go, Sophie at his heels. (Here's a basic drawing of our surroundings: . I'm not the best artist, but I hope you get the idea.) Before I could turn back around to face the bush, something caught my eye. Something big. My first thought was that it was a tree, that is, until it turned its head towards me. It locked eyes with me. I felt paralyzed by fear.

I barely managed to wave my arm around in William's general direction, trying to catch his attention. He must've noticed as he responded with a quiet 'yeah'. Turning to see what I was looking at, he began to say something, but immediately stopped. All emotion drained from his now pale face.

"Who is that?" He would ask me. I could only mumble 'what'. Not that I didn't hear him, no. I was correcting him. This thing was massive. Really, the only color you could see was on the creature came from its eyes. They were wide, human like. From where I stood they almost looked orange. The rest was basically a silhouette. I could feel the presence of the dogs next to us. Charlie snarled, stalking closer bit by bit. I wanted to jump at her, do anything to keep her away from it. Simon was staring intently, as was Buddy, but kept his position in front of William and me.

The thing was standing on its hind legs, but looked like a big, hairy dog. At least something with long, pointed ears. It had lengthy fingers, or more than likely, claws. It leaned forward a bit, but not much. Almost as if it wanted to intensify it's glare, or maybe, just to get a better look at us. I jumped at the sound of Charlie snapping her jaws at the thing before bounding towards it. I nearly choked on my breath as Buddy followed her. I frantically looked around for Simon, who was cowering behind William with his head bowed down growling.

William started to run after them and I started to cry, from both fear and slight anger. I heaved a breath and willed my legs to run as fast as I could. William was on the track team and played baseball, but he was the least of my worries, because I was too. It was the fact that we were chasing two dogs.. And a terrifying animal-like creature. Now that I think back on what I did, I must've been insane. Nevertheless, I chased them in the woods. We eventually slowed to a stop as we saw the dogs ahead of us.

They were standing defensively, barking and snarling the cryptid. I couldn't see exactly, but it looked as though the creature was now on four legs.. And smaller. The dogs fell back as though they had been pushed and scurried away from it as an ear piercing scream sounded. Buddy took off back to the bridge, where we later found him, and Charlie crouched in front of William and I. The scream sound strangled, unlike anything I'd ever heard. I had let out a fearful shout before I felt something grab hold of my wrist- which believe me, did not help my situation.

William was trying to pull me along, trying to get us out of there. All three of us ran towards the bridge. The whole way there it felt as though the creature was right on my heels, me being in the back by maybe a foot. Once we were free from the trees, we didn't stop. We bolted into the water, William and I, Charlie merely followed, not knowing what to do. I whipped my head around as we stopped and saw nothing but pine. I choked on my tears, feeling both relieved and terrified of what had just gone down.

Back on the bridge we told our dad. He called bullshit, that we were just playing a prank. "But you heard the scream right?" We would ask him. He would blow us off completely, and continue fishing. He was, and still is, a skeptic. "Gotta see it to believe it!" Is his paranormal motto. I honestly don't know what that thing was, and I don't think I want to. Part of me is curious, but all of me wants to know what I'm dealing with so I have more information on the subject. I can't be the only one who's seen it.

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