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"The Boss" stars Melissa McCarthy as an extremely rich industry mogul who is sent to prison after a case of insider trading and upon being released from jail, she decides to make things right with the people who she screwed over in the past and this eventually leads to McCarthy staying with Kristen Bell and getting involved in helping her daughter sell brownies for the brownie scouts. A myriad of other situations occur, but most of the focus is on the relationship between McCarthy and Bell.

This movie is directed by McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone. You may remember him from directing that other Melissa McCarthy movie, "Tammy", the movie that nobody liked as well as the movie where people started to get sick of McCarthy. I'm of the belief that she can be funny when given the right roles such as her stints in Paul Feig movies like "Spy" and "Bridesmaids", but anything else she does is a tight line to walk. All I'll say is that with McCarthy and Falcone teaming up once again, they're now officially 0 for 2 with "The Boss".

The thing that annoyed me the most in this movie was Melissa McCarthy playing the same character she always plays, the loud-mouthed, crude, and obnoxious screw up who always creates the worst possible situation for anyone around her. We've seen this done a million times by her, as well as literally every other comedic actor to ever exist. Let's see a comedic character that we actually like and have a sense of empathy for, but instead McCarthy plays the role to the point where you just want her to disappear from the film entirely. It doesn't matter if the rest of the movie makes no sense, just get her off screen and spare us from watching the same annoying, unfunny performance that we're all worn out by.

Another big problem with this movie is the lack of genuine laughs and it's really starting to piss me off that I basically have to type the same exact thing in my reviews for most comedies coming out today: apart from some small moments that got me to chuckle slightly our blow air out of my nose, this movie isn't funny. I didn't give one single authentic laugh as the movie played out, the problem being that this movie is carrying the same "jokes" that "Tammy" had to offer. Just have McCarthy fall down awkwardly in every other scene or have her just say a slew of cuss words in the hopes that an overuse of the word "cocksucker" is somehow able to substitute genuine wit. The worst possible thing a comedy can do, in my opinion, is not know the difference between humor and annoyance. The two can go hand in hand if written just right, but this movie is just annoying, leaving no room to balance any clever jokes.

Also, this movie takes a very big dip in quality when Peter Dinklage is brought into the plot. Go ahead and prepare yourselves for all of the cheap, easy jokes about his height because that's basically all the movie has left at this point, but that's not even the worst of it. The absolute worst is when this movie decides to become just one giant action set piece, a scene shown in some of the trailers that involve McCarthy and Dinklage fighting in some unnecessary, out of left field action scene that doesn't fit with the rest of the movie. Granted, the movie is a whole is an unfunny mess that doesn't work even without all of the Dinklage stuff, but throw in some terrible samurai sword fight scene and you officially have a comedy that doesn't know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a straight comedy? Does it want to be an action movie that just happens to have cheap jokes every five seconds? Nobody knows, not even the director.

Overall, "The Boss" is the second example of why McCarthy and her husband shouldn't make movies together. It's more annoying than it is funny, you know the beats of the story involving McCarthy and Bell's relationship, and we're stuck with a typical Melissa McCarthy performance that's only going to make people more sick of her. For her sake, I hope "Ghostbusters" is good enough to make me forget about this movie, but I really don't think we need to be reminded of that awful trailer anyway.

Rating: Some Ol' Bullshit


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