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After the extreme disappointment that was the season six finale of The Walking Dead, we are left with one burning question to ponder for months to come. Who did Negan kill? We already know the three intricate parts of this Clue game, but we don't know exactly who Negan took from us. Most of the Internet, as well as people like Talking Dead boss Chris Hardwick, think that the show kept true to the comics and killed Glenn. However, I think otherwise. While this season has been taking a lot from the comics, I do believe that they've switched Glenn with Aaron, and I have a few reasons why.

Glenn's Death Scare

We've already thought for three episodes or so that our precious Glenn has been taken from us, until he crawled out from under that dumpster (in a feat of terrible writing the likes of which we saw on the season finale). I myself assumed that this was how Glenn died, and not from being beat to death by Lucille. Now that Negan has revealed himself and mysteriously killed one of the group, everyone assumes that it still very well is Glenn, but I think different. I think that since they've already scared us with Glenn's death this season, that it has to be someone else. How is it Aaron you ask? We'll get to that, but right now, let's focus a little more on why it's not Glenn.

The Camera Angles Cannot Be Trusted

You may have seen the video claiming that if you go by the beats of the song playing while Negan points his bat at each person that it stops on Glenn. However, it's been explicitly stated by Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple that you cannot determine anything from the camera angle, however there are clues in the scene. I personally do not think that the beats of the song is one of these clues, and I know for a fact that you cannot rely on evidence like that. Now, on to why Aaron IS the one who went to Pee-Pee Pants City.

The "Magg-" Audio

In this piece of isolated audio, the creator of this video claims that the person being killed is Glenn, and that while dying he says his famous "Magg-" line, as he did in the comics. This is followed by people screaming, and supposedly saying the name Glenn. However, I do not personally hear this, it sounds like nothing but blatant screams. Yet, I do feel like the person saying "Magg-" is authentic, but it is Aaron. Aaron feels that he owes Maggie, and he went with the group solely to make sure Maggie is safe. In his dying moments, the only thing he would be caring about is Maggie. While the voice does sound somewhat like Steven Yeun, it cannot be discerned completely, and I do think that it could be Ross Marquand's voice instead.

The Theme of Character Swapping

All through this season, we've seen character deaths and relationships being swapped from that of the comics. For instance, Denice being killed instead of Abraham, and Rick hooking up with Michonne instead of Andrea (even though she's been dead for a while now). It's not at all far-fetched to say that they've switched Glenn's death with Aaron, just to go with this season's almost prominent theme.


The one thing we've learned from this show over the years, is that they do everything for a reason. While at the time it seemed purely comical that Aaron points out his name could be used for a boy or a girl, he made a valid point. If he dyed in such a violent way in front of everybody, just to help Maggie and the baby, how could they not name it Aaron/Erin? It could purely be a coincidence, or it could be a brilliant case of foreshadowing. Only time will tell.

Aaron's Character Arc

When we first saw Aaron, we all assumed the worst. He seemed too nice, and we all assumed that he was trying to play a trick on us. But then, we learned that Aaron really is that nice. He cares for everybody, even at the cost of his own life. He was the first Alexandrian we met, and still is the favorite of many. He risked everything to help Maggie, and if he died in doing that, then that could have a severe emotional effect on the group. While he would not be missed as much as Glenn, I feel like this would finally signify the acceptance of the Alexandrians into the group we know and love. Aaron would truly be missed, and I feel that him dying would cause the group to want to fight back against Negan just as much as Glenn dying.


Who do you think Negan killed in the season finale?


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