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Find out this Saviors Story of being on The Walking Dead set with ANDREW LINCOLN, MICHAEL CUDLITZ, & NORMAN REEDUS...


Sunday April 10, 2016
Interview and Article written by: Tami Bradley-Tackett
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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of Negan’s men, (a Savior on the Walking Dead), played by the charismatic

Brian Farmer

, whom met his demise on the show via rocket launcher. Although his time may have been short-lived on the show, the death of the group of saviors that he was apart of, was one of the most amazing “kill” scenes on the show. He also can take pride in having the claim of being killed off the show by

Mr. Daryl Dixon

.... which is an honor in itself.

Read the FULL length interview that I had the pleasure of doing with Brian below and find out how Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) came to his rescue during a mishap during the scene; how Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) treated him; and how ANDREW LINCOLN (Mr. Rick Grimes himself) came out to watch this memorable scene that Brian was a part of



RICKS CHICKS: : Had you watched the show before you were cast? Were you a fan ?BRIAN FARMER: “Yes, I Had watched it and wondered what it would be like to be a Zombie (walker).”
RICKS CHICKS: So, you would have liked to play a "walker" on the show?
RICKS CHICKS : Were you a reader of TWD comics before being cast?
BRIAN FARMER “..never did read the comic.”

RICKS CHICKS: How did your audition for the show come about? How were you made aware of the role?
BRIAN FARMER: “A friend of mine sent me the Link for a casting call. They were looking for bikers for this episode.”
RICKS CHICKS: How many times did you audition before actually being cast on The Walking Dead?
BRIAN FARMER: “I just submitted pics and Bio once.”

RICKS CHICKS: With the show being so secretive about who you are actually auditioning to play, what were you told (if anything) about the role you would be playing?
BRIAN FARMER: “To keep my lips sealed about anything and everything as I did... people still ask me about that damn car..... but you won't hear the truth about it from me until after the show is finished.”

{{Note: Brian is referring to that mysterious car that was spotted in the background of the scene right before his group gets blown up that was spotted by an eagle eye fan and took over the internet for a day. If you haven't heard about the "car", you can check it out at the following link: }}

RICKS CHICKS: Did you know who the character "Negan" was before being cast?BRIAN FARMER: “Yes”
RICKS CHICKS: Had you met or worked with any of TWD cast members before being cast on the show?

RICKS CHICKS: Can you tell us a little about the explosion scene and what went into making that scene happen? Did you get to witness any of it?
BRIAN FARMER: “ We all got to watch it. Even ANDREW LINCOLN came down just to watch it. It was pretty cool. We filmed the scenes a hundred times it felt like, from every possible camera angle, so lots of down time relocating cameras and cast and crew. Pretty much filmed us to the point of exploding. Rolled out the good wheels for some Scrap and put dummies in place of us good looking guys and BOOM!

RICKS CHICKS: Did you wear your own clothes to the shoot or did they put you in costume?
BRIAN FARMER: “Half n’ half. Pants and boots and jacket are mine... panties belong to Sasha....(laughs)”
RICKS CHICKS: Were there any souvenirs that you got to keep from your time on the show?
BRIAN FARMER: “Yes.... I kept my Paychecks .”
RICKS CHICKS: You're originally from Atlanta, Georgia, so you're probably already used to the grueling heat that everyone complains about. What were the conditions like on the day of the shoot?
BRIAN FARMER: “Hot and Muggy. Mid July.”

RICKS CHICKS: Since we ARE a fan page for Rick Grimes, a lot of people would like to know if you got to meet Andrew Lincoln?
BRIAN FARMER: “I only got to briefly say “hi” (to Andrew) as he stepped off charter bus to watch the explosion (scene).”
RICKS CHICKS: Did you get to talk to Norman Reedus, Michael Cudlitz or Sonequa Martin-Green, since you shared the scene with them?
BRIAN FARMER: “Yes! All three we're very nice and talked to us a good bit. Hugs and handshakes and kisses on the cheeks from Sonequa. Yay (Laughs). Norman Reedus hung out with us a lot talking to all of us just like any of your closest friends would. Much respect for his interactions with us. Hell, you would have thought he was on our side he was around the bikes and us so much.”

RICKS CHICKS: Looking in as a fan, Do you have a favorite character on the show?BRIAN FARMER: “Hell yes I do...ME.....DUHHH..”
RICKS CHICKS: Do you have a least Favorite Character?
BRIAN FARMER: “I'm not a hater so.. no.”
RICKS CHICKS: Do you keep in touch with any cast members that you worked with?
BRIAN FARMER: “We have all recently started connecting again. I'm looking to have a SAVIOR REUNION For a ‘Meet & Greet’ very soon.”

RICKS CHICKS: Are there any memorable moments from being on set or anything that happened while filming that you would like to tell us about?
BRIAN FARMER: “Well, there was the time we we're shooting the blast from the explosion and the director told us to kinda fall back on the bikes like we felt it..... so we did ...about 3 times....I sold the scene by having the junk bike I was sitting on (that was gonna be blown up) fall over on top of me and pretty much broke my big toe and smashed my foot from it. It pinned me down and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) came running over and lifted it off of me! Everyone was so concerned for my foot, it was crazy. I walked off the pain and kept shooting.... the next few days, after I couldn't stand on it.”

RICKS CHICKS: Were there any other projects you were involved in before being cast as one of "Negan's men"?
BRIAN FARMER: “Not at the time, no.”
RICKS CHICKS: If you could have played any character on the show, which character would you have chosen?
RICKS CHICKS: Have you been recognized yet out in public?
RICKS CHICKS: Since you played one of "Negans" men, have the Walking Dead Fans been welcoming to you?
BRIAN FARMER:Seriously the Best Stalkers ever...(laughs)”
RICKS CHICKS: Have you had any "bad" fan experiences yet?
BRIAN FARMER: “Not really.... a few haters... just jelly.”
RICKS CHICKS: Do you believe a real zombie apocalypse is possible?
BRIAN FARMER: “I don't put anything out of existence. Most everything that people come up with has either already happened or gonna happen.”
RICKS CHICKS: If you were in a real zombie apocalypse, which Walking Dead Cast Members would you want on your team?
BRIAN FARMER: “All of my Saviors because SAVIORS Rule! ESPECIALLY LUCILLE. Have you seen her? She’s a nasty lil' Vixen.”
RICKS CHICKS: Have you been to any of the Comic Cons or Walker Stalker Conventions?
BRIAN FARMER: “Not yet. I may go to the one in Atlanta in October.

Questions about Brian's personal life as well as some fun, off the wall questions.

RICKS CHICKS: Have you been acting long?
BRIAN FARMER: “I haven’t really pursued it. I’ve only done a couple of small roles like this as an extra.”
RICKS CHICKS : You play a Savior “biker” on The Walking Dead and are also a biker in real life as well. How long have you been riding?
BRIAN FARMER: “Started when I was about 6”
RICKS CHICKS: What do you do for a living outside of the acting world?
BRIAN FARMER: “Anything that needs done. I’ve been with an AeroSpace company here in Metro Atlanta for the last 10 years. I am a maintenance supervisor. I fix everything or build it from scratch if we don’t have it. I’ve done a lot in my lifetime as far as working, doing different things. I consider myself very skilled in several different areas. Why, what you need done... I gotcha.” :-)

RICKS CHICKS: I've heard that you have the nickname "Wheat". Does it have something to do with your last name. Tell us how long you've had that nickname and how you received it.
BRIAN FARMER: (Laughs) "Well, the whole “Wheat” nickname is actually “Wheatcracker”. That’s what a lot of my friends call me. It has nothing to do with my last name at all. I got the name about 10 years ago. As everyone (that knows me) is aware of, I love black females, as you can see by my current sweet and beautiful girlfriend. Anyhoo, I have a 4 year old daughter with a black female that I intended on marrying, but things just didn’t work out. So, long story short, when I met her, I was always taking lunch with her and her coworker ((a mutual friend who is also a black female)) and we were always cutting up with each other. She was always saying stuff like, “You ole white cracker” this...and “You ole’ white cracker” that. It was mid summer and I was kind of tan from the sun and we were having lunch that day and she said it. I was like...NO! I grabbed a napkin, held it up and said , “I am not ‘white’. This napkin is white. I am no where near that pale. I am more of a wheat color. She looked at me and said, ‘OK. From this day forward, I deem you Sir Wheatcracker’....And it kind of stuck. # Truestory. But you can call me Wheat, Brian or Daddy.” (laughs)

RICKS CHICKS: If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
BRIAN FARMER: “Wanna go ride? Riding Harleys with God would be Epic! Don’t ya think?”
RICKS CHICKS: Who is the one person that influenced you the most in life?
BRIAN FARMER: “My children.”
RICKS CHICKS: Who is your "celebrity" crush?
BRIAN FARMER: “From What week?” (laughs)
RICKS CHICKS : Do you believe in love at first sight?
BRIAN FARMER: “Absolutely”
RICKS CHICKS: If you had to describe YOURSELF to someone, how would YOU describe YOU?
BRIAN FARMER: “A Damn Fool.”
RICKS CHICKS: Do you believe in ghosts or the paranormal?
RICKS CHICKS: Do you sing in the shower?
BRIAN FARMER: “I’ve been known to.”
RICKS CHICKS: If you had the chance to travel to outer space, would you go?
BRIAN FARMER: “Hell No. I don’t fly.”

I've read that you're favorite quote is from the cartoon character, Foghorn Leghorn. Tell us why the quote, (("Now I said I said Boy...I said the more I try and teach you, the dumber I get." )) is your favorite quote.
BRIAN FARMER: “Yes, because I feel we need to learn as we can in life to function properly and be successful. Some people, I swear, I don’t know how they tie their shoes every morning. Hence the quote. Pure ‘Rooster’ sarcasm.”
RICKS CHICKS: Do you have any other quotes that inspire you?
BRIAN FARMER: “Aww, yes!-- ‘I’m a Rooster. Now you see him right there? He’s a chicken.” (Foghorn LegHorn)

RICKS CHICKS: Do you have any advice that you want to give to those out there that are trying to get a role on The Walking Dead?
BRIAN FARMER: “Just keep trying!” Don’t give up. Search for casting calls or use talent agencies to find roles and keep going for it. Apply Yourself repeatedly.”


I gave Brian some “This or That” Questions to see which were his picks out of the choices given. Here are his answers.

Color of Toothbrush: “Purple”
Taco Bell or McDonalds: “Taco Bell”
Messy or Neat?: “Messy”
Night Owl or Morning Person? “WHOOO”
Favorite Movie: “Green Mile”
Favorite Song: “My neck, my back.”
Dog or Cat:Whats New Pussy Cat, whoa a whoa a whoa.”
Blue, Green, or Brown eyes? Mine are brown and green mixed.”
Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke? : “Coke makes me lost weight.”
Honda or Harley?: “I’m offended.” (Laughs)
When is your birth date?: “4-11-BC”

RICKS CHICKS: Thank you so very much for your time Brian . Is there ANYTHING else that you would like to say to the fans or add to this interview?
BRIAN FARMER: “Just that I appreciate all of the Love and Support from everyone that has become a friend and follower fan of mine and I hope that I can continue to give you all more work to see me in. THANK YOU Ms. Tami Bradley Tackett for all of what you do. You are the best. “


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