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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is definitely on my watch list this year. After the first trailer dropped a few days ago, I was definitely sold. Of course, it is a Star Wars movie. I would be lined up to see it in December, even if it starred Kim Kardashian, and it was entirely filled with Galactic Senate debates. One great thing about these new Star Wars properties is the complete lack of knowledge we have going in on opening day. It brings opportunities for wild speculation and rumors which are just too much fun! The internet is currently filled with a plethora of rumors and theories over Rogue One, some being distinct possibilities (the best kind of rumor!), while others are both really cool and impossible. Here are the five kookiest and most fun Rogue One rumors and my best effort at debunking or proving them!

1: Rey's Mom

I can't believe I didn't think of this one myself! Everyone wants to know who Rey's family is. Who abandoned her on Jakku all those years before, and why? One camp tends to believe she's Han and Leia's daughter, while another believes she's the daughter of Luke. If she is Luke's, then who is the mother? Like I've said before, I think it's Laura Dern's unannounced character, but their is a considerable crowd that believes it's Jyn Erso (the main character of Rogue One). It's a great theory. Jyn seems to be on Tatooine at one point in the trailer. Could Jyn and Luke be old friends turned lovers? Is she one of his friends who went off to join the rebellion?

It could work. The only thing is, she seems a little to old. At this point Luke is still trapped on Tatooine. He's only 19 or 20 years old. Jyn is at least 20 to 25 if not 30. That would make her at least 40 by the time Rey comes around. But hey, who knows? Han is a good 5 years older than Leia, and I've certainly shipped that since I was 5! Hey, that would mean Rey has a pretty awesome mom if you ask me!

Theory = Plausible

2: Poe's Parents

Okay, Tumblr is drawing comparisons between TFA's Poe and Diego Luna's Rogue One character. I can't in good conscience disagree with the fact that they could be related. Just look for yourself:

I mean, I completely get why some would think that this character is Poe's dad. Some also believe that Jyn is his mom. Well, I'm sorry to tell you guys this, but it can't be Jyn. These are Poe's parents brought to you by Marvel comics:

And this may very well be his conception:

Thanks Marvel comics for ruining all of our good theories! God!

Theory = Busted (Though I wish it wasn't!)

3: Captain Phasma

Ok, this one is way out there, but that's what makes it so amazing! Some fans are saying Jyn Erso could be a young Captain Phasma. I think we all know this can't work because of age and timeline, but it does raise two interesting questions:

1: Will Rogue One and TFA cross over at all? Does one have any bearing on the other?

2: When will we be getting more Phasma? Add that to the list of stand-alone movie ideas Disney!

The other problem with this is, Gwendoline Christie plays Phasma, and aging the character up to match Jyn's age would mean loosing her, and that would be a travesty!

I have to say, I would prefer Jyn not be Phasma, but what do you think? Should Jyn turn out to be Phasma? Tell us in the comments!

Theory = Unlikely (but I get it)

4: Grand Admiral Thrawn

Have you read the Thrawn Trilogy? If not, book mark this page, go read all three books, and then return. Alternatively, go read the wookieepedia pages for Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Ok, the theory is, that Thrawn will be a major villain in Rogue One. Would I absolutely love this? YES! Thrawn is so cool! However, people are saying that this character from the trailer will be Thrawn:

NOT LIKE THAT HE WON'T!!! Part of Thrawn's cool factor is that he is a Chiss. Chiss have blue skin and red glowing eyes. Thrawn started that! He was the first Chiss we had ever heard of! He can't be human! Humans are boring! What do you think? Is that Thrawn? Tell us in the comments.

Theory = Possible (Disney better splurge for some blue face paint!!!)

5: Biggs Darklighter

You may remember Biggs from A New Hope. He was Luke's friend who left Tatooine and joined the rebellion. What does he have to do with the price of beans? Well, many have drawn a conclusion between Biggs' mustache, and that of Diego Luna.

They are two very similar mustaches. Is Diego Luna playing Biggs? I have no idea. Are mustaches good enough proof to base a solid theory on? You tell me. I currently have no opinion on mustache comparison in film.

Theory = Possible (They at least share mustache combs!)

Ok, surely I missed one or two theories, but hopefully I covered some of the more fun ones. What are your thoughts? Did I miss a point that proves or disproves one of the theories? Tell me in the comments! What important theories did I leave out? Tell me in the comments! The point of all this is: feel free to comment! You can't wildly speculate and theorize without a proper comments section! (Such as the one at the bottom of the page!)


What's your favorite Rogue One theory?


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