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Demons, time-traveling and the Revolutionary War. If you asked 10 random people to sum up Sleepy Hollow for you, that would be the answer from at least three of them. And this formula has made this show a fan favorite, helping it last three seasons, even in its rough time-slots for Seasons 2 and 3.

Before I really get into it about the Season 3 finale, let me just give you a general description of the show.

I shall, Ichabod.
I shall, Ichabod.

Revolutionary War Captain Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) is gravely wounded on the battlefield fighting against the Headless Horseman, but his witch wife casts a spell to bring him back to life in the present day. Unfortunately, it also brings back the Headless Horseman, too. Ichabod teams up with Sleepy Hollow police lieutenant Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) to take the Horseman down, as well as other supernatural forces set to attack the town.

In Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow, the Two Witnesses face the mysterious Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon) as she uses her mystical box to conjure up evil creatures to wreak havoc on the small New York town and bring power to the evil god, The Hidden One (Peter Mensah).


"Ragnarok" begins just where "Delaware" left off, with the Hidden One finally gaining his power, and Pandora working with Team Witness to stop his rule over the world. Abbie and her sister, Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), distract the Hidden One while Crane delivers Pandora's rebuilt box to the imprisoned former villain, helping her to take away the Hidden One's powers. But in the process, Abbie sacrifices herself to complete the box's draining of his powers, being taken by the box.

Pandora warns Crane and Jenny that she will slowly take over the world, and if they don't interfere, they will be spared and she will bring Abbie back. However, after Pandora goes back on her deal, Crane resurrects the Horseman from Pandora's Box to attack her until she brings Abbie back. After striking damaging blows to Pandora, the Horsemen leaves and Pandora reveals Abbie can't return.

Crane and Jenny rush to return Pandora's Box to the Masonic Cell before it explodes, but don't reach it in time. While unconscious, Crane has a dream of Abbie telling him he needs to let her go, and that her soul would remain eternal. Crane awakens to Jenny in the tunnel, telling her of his vision of her sister.

A funeral is held for Abbie, and as Crane visits her grave, Abbie's father shows up. He reveals to Crane that Abbie's soul will go into the next extended member of her family, and that President George Washington created a secret organization to battle supernatural forces in America and has put Crane in charge. However, that organization has become corrupt and is coming after Crane. The episode ends with Crane going with members from the organization to an unknown location.

So, What Does This Mean For The Future Of The Show?

Well, let's recap the most important aspect of the episode: death. The Hidden One, Pandora and Abbie are all dead. Abbie, however, might come back in a more astral way, since her eternal soul will go into the next extended member of her family. Plus, Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed) has returned to her time, and Joe Corbin (Zach Appelman) is dead and reunited with his father in the afterlife.

It'll be interesting to see how the writers intend to bring back Abbie, since she hasn't officially announced her exit from the show. Granted, the show hasn't been renewed yet, but it also hasn't been cancelled.

It'll also be interesting to see how things go with this evil corporation that's supposed to be fighting supernatural forces. How have they become corrupt? Maybe they're being led by an evil supernatural force in hiding? We will have to wait and see where it goes from here if the show gets renewed.

UPDATE: Since the finale, Beharie (Abbie) has announced that her exit from the show is permanent, therefore killing any hopes of a ghost form returning to the character.

What did you think of the 'Sleepy Hollow' finale? Are you sad about Abbie's death? Where do you think the show should go from here?


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