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Pretty much a fan of all but if you come at me with horror I have a salt shaker and an iron rod and I'm not afraid to use them :D
Andrea Marie Cini

1 year. 52 weeks. 365.25 days. 8765.82 hours. That's how long I've been writing on this site and it's honestly hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly. A lot has changed in the course of a year. I still remember my first post; it wasn't anything big and fancy. In fact, I only wrote it to take part in a contest Movie Pilot was hosting at the time. Who would have ever thought that one post of 146 reads would have led me on such an amazing journey? Although I do not consider myself a veteran writer on this site, after 1 year I have 5 pieces of advice I want to share with all future writers about my experience on Movie Pilot:

1) You can write about WHATEVER you want

You may think, the site is called Movie Pilot, so you can write only about movies. No, you are wrong there, my friend. You can write to your heart's content about whatever you love. Whether you want to fangirl about the latest Walking Dead episode or discuss Batman V Superman, you are free to do so on Movie Pilot. Here your writing isn't restricted solely to films and television, no matter your passion, be it sports or music or celebs or books. If you love it and you want to write about it, just grab a keyboard (sadly pen and paper won't work here) and write!

2) Haters gonna hate

I'm not saying this because I cannot take criticism. When people comment on an article of yours, it means the reader actually took the time to contemplate your writing. However, sometimes, they don't always say it in the nicest of ways. Listen to their words but never take them to heart. Just as there are people who love the same things as you, there will always be people who hate is just as much. Don't let their hate and criticism stop your writing. Take their words and use it as fuel to continue sharing with the world the stuff you love.

3) The power of proofreading

The biggest terror to writers: proofreading, an essential tool that takes more than a single year to master. You may say, "Oh! let me read this just once - how many mistakes could I have?" Well, honestly, you can have quite a number of them. From misspelling a name, to forgetting a comma, I've learned that an article is only as good as the quality with which it's written. Don't believe me? A couple of weeks back I wrote an entire article dedicated to The Flash. Little did I know I wrote the whole thing about a certain Mr. "Berry" Allen instead of Barry Allen. Let's just say the comment section was merciless. One particular comment still follows me to this day, forcing me to read and reread my work over and over again:

I don't think it was a typo. You guys haven't heard of Berry Allen, the fastest small fruit alive?

It's humorous, but it's a subtle reminder of the importance of proofreading. You may think I should have done better research, but it can happen to anyone, no matter how good a writer you are.

4) Always eager to help

Although you might say the soul and essence of Movie Pilot are the Creators themselves, the beating heart and the sweat and blood that stand as the foundations of this site are the Movie Pilot employees. You might think them to be like other company employees, who say they'll get back to you in 24 hours but never do. That isn't the case here. The only delay in their answers is due to time-zone differences. Those working at Movie Pilot are always eager to help . If you are finding problems with the site or need help coming up with article topics, just leave them a message, give them a bit of time for 10 a.m. to arrive in their country (if you're talking to the staff in Berlin, not Los Angeles), and a helpful answer will soon be coming your way.

5) One big geeky family

It may be cheesy but Movie Pilot is truly one big geeky family. Movie Pilot staff and Creators alike don't simply talk to each other concerning work. Want to share a joke or vent about something? They will always be there to laugh or complain with you. We may be spread around the world, and probably will never meet face-to-face, but we are a family united by our love for all things geeky and our love of writing.

A lot has changed from the time I wrote that little article of 146 reads. Since then, I've found my voice. I am no longer afraid to write about what I love, no matter whether it be popular opinion or not. I've graduated from the amazing, but intense, MoviePilotU course and have just recently become a Verified Creator. I'm not writing this as propaganda, or to get reads, nor as publicity for the site. I do not aim to do that, but trust me when I say, over the past year I didn't just gain unforgettable mentors and friends, but a whole entire family separated only by the screens of our computers.


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