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The day is drawing near. The clash of heroes is upon us. In a few days fans around the world will get to witness a fight that will rock the Marvel cinematic universe to its core. In a few days we will watch the mysterious Black Panther and the amazing Spider-Man finally make their debut appearances with the Avengers. We will eagerly await the ever anticipated show-down between Vision and Scarlet Witch and we will awe as Ant-Man and Falcon defy the laws of physics to protect their team-mates. In a few days we will finally watch the stars of this movie, Captain America and Iron Man pick their teams and thus force the Earth's mightiest warriors to stand divided behind these two powerful man.

However, two heroes appear to be hiding from the spotlight, as if wishing the world may not realise their secret and pivotal roles in this civil War: Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Whilst watching the trailers we may have pushed these superhumans under the rug, considering them to be unimportant and insignificant to the plot as they may have been in other Marvel films. However, I think this is all about to change in Captain America: Civil War. For some bizarre reason, these two super spies, two of the oldest Avengers, and oldest friends, stand on different sides of this war.I find it very hard to believe that these two spies, that fought almost to the brink of death to save each other, would be split up by such a frivolous battle. I think that Hawkeye and Black Widow, although to the rest of their team, stand divided, they are united in some greater plot to keep their fellow heroes together.

You may ask, why should I think this? Well watch this video below and focus on the point were Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner are asked about whose teams they are on:

Did you catch their answers over the awesomeness of the video? Well, when the actors of these super-spies were asked were asked about on whose team they would be on, one Scarlett Johansson answers

That's none of your business.

While Jeremy Renner answered saying:

Can't tell you.

Think carefully about their words. Although it is ultimately known that they are on two separate teams, when interviewed about it they seem reluctant to actually confirm on whose side they are on. This may have been a strategy to try and extended the audiences' s curiosity or could this reluctance and secretiveness actually be a hint that their true alliances aren't as they seem?

Well that's what I think, anyway. Although I can only speculate upon the videos and little bits of information shared with us, the fans, I think that Black Widow and Hawkeye may have a more pivotal role in Captain America: Civil War then we could ever imagine. They may be the the referees of this war to ensure that although Team Captain America and Team Iron Man may fight and cause destruction, the Avenger's initiative will remain intact. By keeping both teams on the the morally straight road, these two spies may be the reason why Iron Man and Captian America won't, ultimately, fall to the dark side like so many of the villains they had once fought together to defeat.

Sadly, we still have quite some time to wait until we can confirm whether my theory is correct or just absolute nonsense. However, if these two heroes really do have such a fundamental role in this upcoming war, I think it is about time they had their time to shine so that fans around the world can finally acknowledge that, although they lack any form of super powers, Black Widow and Hawkeye really did earn their titles of Earth's mightiest heroes.

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