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How much is too much to pack into one movie?

Ben Affleck has taken a lot of crap for the movies he has been in over the years. On some level he has been brilliant. Argo and Gone Girl show just how good he really is, yet movies like Daredevil and Pearl Harbour have led viewers to believe that any blockbuster movie he gets even close to is going to be absolute rubbish. So when Affleck was cast as Batman for this latest addition to the DCEU (DC Expanded Universe movies), it was no surprise that critics screamed and cried out ‘crucify him!’ (Sorry, a little Easter pun there hehe).

Well guess what people, he is damn good!!! I don’t care what the critics or Rotten Tomatoes website says! They are dead wrong! If it wasn’t for Affleck’s Batman this movie would have fallen flat and looked mostly like a bit of a mess. And as time goes on I think less criticism will be aimed at Affleck about the DCEU movies, and more so at characters like Lex Luthor and Doomsday. But enough about the Affleck and his redeeming qualities. How did this movie stand up when measured against Anthology Odyssey’s reviews?

Firstly, it is satisfying to see that the mass destruction depicted in the first movie Man of Steel was not simply swept under the carpet. How many times do you see a blockbuster movie featuring mass destruction and epic battles on a grand scale, and then in the next movie every one acts as if all is fine? When a hero levels an entire city in order to stop the villain, people naturally must ask themselves how safe they really are and this movie quickly addresses that as it kicks off with the ending of Superman battling Zod from the last movie. This is not a cut and paste scene from Man of Steel however. The angle this film takes which is refreshing is from Bruce Wayne as he witnesses the Metropolis division of Wayne Enterprises destroyed in the battle and his employee’s placed in harm’s way.

Secondly, the script and structure of the movie starts off messy and confusing with lots of crisscrossing information crammed in with visions and dream sequences that are confusing and not necessary for this film. There is a lot of story to get through in this movie, what with the cameos of all members of the Justice League, Lex Luthor and his plan to kill Superman, the conflict between Batman and Superman, Clark Kent trying to cope with work and his love life, the introduction of Doomsday and much, much more. Once this film gets past some of the dream sequences after the first half an hour and picks up pace, Batman versus Superman (or BVS for short) takes off in a big way!

Finally, there is the cast. Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is a little over the top crazy and though his acting is good, he is not the strongest character in the film by a long shot. I think if he is in part one of the Justice League two-part film he will hopefully grow a lot more as a villain. Doomsday is terrible! Crappy CGI of this character that looks like the Abomination from Incredible Hulk looks lazy and kind of stupid in this film. Doomsday is meant to be epic and so this character could have been much better utilized if he was saved as a super villain for the Justice League movies. Batman (as mentioned earlier) is by far one of the redeeming characters in this movie. Superman as well is very impressive here, but Batman with all his angst and gadgets clearly steals the limelight. Also I must mention Wonder Woman, who finally is represented properly as a might female superhero to get excited about.

And so to finish it is time to move on to the score card.

Story Development – 7/10 Messy and over pact with information in the first half hour of the film. A lot of information throughout the rest of the film, but exciting in its lead up to the Justice League uniting in the future. Slightly disappointing ending due in the most part to Doomsday. Still a great movie with an awesome Batman versus Superman fight. Worth the watch.

Pace – 7.5/10 Too fast and pact as mentioned in the first quarter. However, stands at a good pace throughout the rest of the movie. A nice pace is set because it is not simply constant fighting but also a lot of interaction.

Cast – 7.5/10 Great cast except for Doomsday, Lex Luthor and maybe Lois Lane. Batman and Wonder Woman are awesome!

Final rating – 7.5/10 Fans of Batman will take sides in a strong way and already have. Some like myself say “oh man awesome!” Others reply with “What the hell has he done!” This seems to be the biggest thing to talk about when it comes to this film. Go and see the film and judge for yourself but don’t forget to enjoy it too.

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