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If you look behind negan, there are trees and different lights. You could find out by studying the background of the scene. From beginning to end, when they just came in, to when they are just lining up. You might see a clue to where he is standing when he is brutally killing his victim (one of our loved cast members.)

Oh the suspense is killing me. For six months all fans have is guessing and conspiring. From when he is almost done with the "eenie meenie" he goes to the right of Rick. Which leaves Sasha, Carl, Aaron and Eugene. He said if anyone tried to stop him he would cut the boys other eye, so that leaves him safe. Also people say he won't kill woman or children. So that leaves Aaron and Eugene. Eugene has had a really good couple of episodes. He has shown how much he has grown and how he can help. He is not a surviver. He shows Abraham a machinery place where they can maybe make their own ammunition. This would benefit so much for not only them but people they might team with. You might excpect that now they need to keep Eugene. But the is TWD we are talking about. They don't care. They want them to have to keep struggling and moving on. That's what keeps the story plot going. Someone new turns important, they kill them off. Just like Denise. Right before Maggie has trouble with the baby. It's how it works. This is why I think its Eugene.

Thank you for reading my breif article. Have a good day, studying the end of the episode!


Do you think Negan killed Eugene?


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