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Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice unfortunate has had a rocky start, the bad reviews from the critics being one of them giving it a score of 29% as of April 10th. WB was expecting it to be a mega box office success with earnings of 1.4 billion dollars worldwide, however now they will be lucky to get over $825 million. Was it a huge flop? As of now it's sitting at a respective $742 million worldwide. With a production budget of $250 million, that's a decent profit, it already made more than what Man Of Steel mad in its entire life time ($668 million). WB has a track record of releasing movies that either barely make a profit or don't even make their entire production budget back, the latest examples of this are In The Heart Of The Sea, Pan, and Jupiter Ascending. DC comics movies are the big money earners for WB, which is why they have announced that they will be focusing on their big budget movies, which is DC. They also said that two additional DC comics movies will be coming out, one on October 5th, 2018 and November 1st, 2019. What could these movies be? Well there's two answers that have a great chance of happening.

It has been announced that Suicide Squad is already getting a sequel, so that would most likely be the 2019 release because they're still in the really early stages. Suicide Squad has been getting great audience responses from the trailers they released, everything we hear about the movie sounds amazing, one being Jared Leto's joker. Suicide Squad will most likely make some pretty numbers in the box office, maybe even passing Batman V Superman and WB knows this which is why they announced a sequel will happen.

One thing that most people agree on of Batman V Superman is that Ben Affleck nailed it as arguably being the best Batman/Bruce Wayne on the big screen. A Batman solo movie is very hyped up and wanted by us the fans, which is why a Batman solo movie will most likely be the 2018 movie. Batman has always been WB's money earner, they know that a Batman movie is heavily wanted, so it would be smart of them to make it happen. The Batman solo movie is actually further along than you might think, Ben Affleck has reportedly worked on a script already and ideas have been spinning around WB and Zach Snyder which is why it wouldn't be hard to realese it in 2018.

What do you think the movies could be? Do you agree or disagree or have some ideas of your own? Sound off in the comment section down below.


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