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It gives me great joy to be able to write this, Dylan O'Brien has recovered from his onset accident! Dylan sustained multiple injuries after his stunt gone wrong on the set of Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure, but it looks like the worst is finally over.

Dylan's best friend and star of Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey told E online that Dylan is okay and doing good. Tyler was pretty shaken up about Dylan's accident, especially since Dylan was all the way in Vancouver, but now he is back home with his family and friends.

"Hes good. I love him, he's okay." - Tyler Posey

Holland Roden, Dylan's Teen Wolf co star spoke of Dylan's condition as well.

"I think he's doing well, I think he's with his friends and family, it's a tough situation, but he's with who he needs to be with." Holland Roden

Dylan's co star Giancarlo Esposito revealed that Dylan was healing very well and what happened to him was very frightening for everyone who witnessed it, but throughout it all Dylan's can do attitude and his bright and bubbly personality helped him and his friends get through it. Even while he was in hospital he was still just as funny as ever.

"He's healing very, very well, he got put back together a couple of weeks ago, we look to be going back on May 15th. He is one tough cookie!" - Giancarlo Esposito

Dylan will be returning to the filming of The Death Cure on May 15th, so keep that date in mind.

Dylan is still gonna need some time to relax and recuperate but he is very eager to get back to filming. Going through an accident like this and going back to work less than two months later says a lot about Dylan's character and his passion and determination for his craft as an actor don't you think?

Once Dylan is back on his feet and back on set, we can definitely expect to see another amazing movie from him.


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