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Vitmor Steinfeld

If are or ever we're a Spider-man fan, you , for sure, will know the Todd McFarlane era in the Marvel comics. His Spider-man is still one of my favorites, due to his shadowing touches and darkness in the comics. My favorite comicbook being Spider-man and Wolverine uniting to save Wendigo that was shot down by hunters. The story is deep and shows them going after a child abuser and killer.

Here's the cover:

He has also drawn ghost rider, my favorite being the one time, Ghost Rider tried to kill Hobgoblin for harming a child and turning that child into half a goblin, and Spider-man putted himself inbetween to stop Ghost Rider from killing him.

And who can forget the one time Spider-man united with X-Force to stop the Juggernart?

So if your interested in knowing how he does this in under 3 minutes, here it is.


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