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Back to the Future is one of the most famous movie trilogies of all time and is considered classic. It's definitely one of my favorites, but if you're going to make a time travel movie, you're likely going to accidentally write in a paradox. So here are all the paradoxes in the trilogy.

Back to the Future

There were no paradoxes in this one, as far as I know. The paradoxes that could have happened were part of the movie and were stopped.

Back to the Future Part II

Paradox #1: Doc travels to 2015 and finds out what happens to Marty's children by reading the headlines of USA Today. This is the newspaper he read:

And therefore, he travels to 1985 and brings Jennifer and Marty back to 2015 with him. That was kind of stupid, wasn't it? Why couldn't Doc just write Marty a letter or something?

"Do we become @$$#01€$ or something?"
"Do we become @$$#01€$ or something?"

And quick fun fact: in the TV redubbings, they had Michael J. Fox redub that line and change it to, "Do we become, like, jerks or something?"

But anyway, Doc takes Marty to 2015 and Marty is able to fix the situation with his kids. The "Youth Jailed" paper becomes a "Gang Jailed" paper.

However, remember: at the end of Back to the Future, Doc travels to a time period after October 21 and finds the "Youth Jailed" paper. But now, due to their actions, he should have found the "Gang Jailed" paper now and he would have no reason to go back to 1985 and bring Marty to 2015. But if Marty had never gone to the future, the problem would never have been solved and Doc SHOULD have seen the "Youth Jailed" paper.

Paradox #2: In 2015, old Biff steals the time machine with a sports almanac and goes to 1955 and gives it to his younger self.

He then travels back to the same 2015 he came from. This doesn't make sense. This is both a paradox and a writing mistake. Let me put it this way:

In the first movie, Marty goes from 1985 to 1955, changes things, and goes back to a different 1985. In the second movie, Biff goes from 2015 to 1955, changes things, and goes back to the same 2015, when he should have gone to the altered future, like Marty did in the first movie. And this is a paradox because the Biff that stole the time machine is this Biff:

But due to the altered future, this Biff doesn't exist anymore. This is the Biff that should have been in 2015.

Oh, wait. Sorry. Wrong picture.

I see the resemblance.
I see the resemblance.

Because the past was altered, there should be no future in which Biff had the chance to alter the past in the first place.

Paradox #3: On the night of October 26 in 1985A, Marty is at a boarding school in Switzerland and Doc has been committed into a mental asylum. Given that, if Doc was stuck in a mental asylum, he could not have built a time machine in the first place for Biff to steal and alter the past. And if Biff never altered the past, then there should be a time machine, meaning Biff should have altered the past and, yeah.

Paradox #4?: There is another paradox I think I found myself And I'm not even sure it is a paradox, but take a look here.

Back to the Future Part III

Paradox #1: Okay, so here's a link to the paradox. Btw, there are almost no pictures in the entire damn thing. I wrote that when I was new to writing, so it's not gonna be the way my posts are now. Click here.

And that's it!

As far as I know, that's it. There could be more paradoxes, though. If you have any more, just leave them in the comments below and I will add it to the post if it is valid. Thanks for reading!


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