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Why not just move past all the awkward dialogue and do something entirely different. In less than a month we're going to be treated to the phenomenal [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) (at the time of writing this)! Black Panther and Spider-Man are set to make their Marvel debut on the big screen. With the recent Black Panther comic selling out in stores, it looks like his debut is going to be huge as well. I don't know how any fan is not quivering on their computer in anticipation for this movie (too much?)! I want to bring up some other topics about Peter Parker's debut in Marvel's MCU as well!

Will Aunt May know Peter is Spider-Man?

I never thought I would be sexually attracted to Aunt May (what every man and woman will think in the audience)! Marvel cast the amazing, Marisa Tomei, to play Peter's Aunt in the MCU. She'll perfectly encapsulate what makes Aunt May so special and help differentiate this version from the ones before. There would be drama with Peter ousting his secret identity to his Aunt, but just imagine how much more worrisome for Aunt May if she knew her nephew/son was out every night fighting bad guys. So, she should know that Peter is New York's Wall-Crawler in Civil War!

This adds a different layer in their relationship and would make Holland's solo movie that much better for it. All we need to hear in this movie -- Peter tells Tony that his Aunt knows what he's up to. I don't want another 'Does she know or not'; I want May to be the badass that we all know she is. Marisa will play the energetic, funny, and cool person from the Ultimate Comics with ease.

Are they going to use Totems?

If you're unfamiliar with Spider-Totems then you've probably never read Dan Slott's Spider-Verse. They're people with animal powers like Spider-Man and they're called Totemic beings. Morlun is one of the biggest bads of Spidey's rogues in the comics and he hunts these beings for food. Everything that Peter tells Tony (he's on his team) will be one of the most talked-about parts of the movie. As of now, we know that Peter will be Spider-Man for about a year -- due to Ant-Man giving him a shout-out in last year's hit.

Peter must talk about some of his rogues when Stark is interviewing him about a position on his team. This makes sense and this should tell us quite a bit of information about Parker's involvement in the MCU. Remember, he's your-friendly-neighborhood-Spider-Man, so his bad guys won't be up to par as of yet. But that doesn't mean he has not went against a few baddies that the cops couldn't handle. This will also be around the time I scream at the screen for not mentioning Daredevil. I don't know how the larger MCU is going to addressed The Defenders? They fight around the same vicinity as Spidey and Marvel will need to say something in Spidey's solo movie. (They won't)

Any hints of Parker's supporting players?

None of these people will be prominent in Civil War and his first solo movie. That doesn't mean they there won't be any hints at who we'll see in the future. I have a dream that Baron Zemo will mention Spider-Woman in Civil War -- while he tells The Avengers about having an arsenal that they don't have any idea about. Also, with the news of Cloak and Dagger receiving their own show on Freeform and Alfre Woodward's part in both Cap and Luke Cage being separate. This doesn't bode well for any of TV characters appearing in the movies. This proves that the two sides of Marvel are officially separate, while taking place primarily in each other's universe. I'll say this because Jessica Drew deserves to be in the big leagues and appear next to Black Widow and Iron Man. She's too big of an IP not to have in cinemas.

There are so many ways that Peter could hint at a larger supporting cast in his solo movie. I'm not joking that everything he says will be monitored like the NSA monitors our conversations. This one is a tad trickier than letting us know about his Aunt and maybe some villains. We have to assume that the bulk of his dialogue will be between he and Iron Man. He might interact with Vision and War Machine in an amazing scene. The reports from Twitter promises about half-hour worth of screen time with my favorite hero of all time! Only ten-minutes of that say that he'll be in street clothes and the rest in some glorious, web-slinging action! All I want to hear about is maybe a girl that he likes and his best friend. I would love it to be Mary Jane and Flash Thompson in Civil War. Then in his solo movie I would love to know more about certain people with Spider-Powers!


I can't wait to find out more about Parker's ongoing involvement in MCU. Like, will he be the one to take the Infinity Gauntlet away from Thanos and change the world back? Therefore he would be the only one to remember all these heroes dying! I wish that Black Panther and Parker weren't on the same team -- because they would be awesome to see fighting in that abandoned (?) airport! I would love to hear what you think Spider-Man will say in Captain America: Civil War, which debuts on May 6th in the United States!

How awesome do you think Spider-Man will be in Captain America: Civil War?


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