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After I had finished Diana's first book of the series Outlander, I couldn’t wait to begin Dragonfly in Amber. From the first page my mind was in a spin. Where she chose to begin this second book was, in my eyes creative genius. That was what had me so concerned with Season 2 of Outlander. Don't get me wrong, I can totally appreciate an adaptation of any book without saying the many cliché phrases like "That wasn't how the book did it" Everything can't be translated from book to screen. However I was concerned when Ron Moore said they basically threw the book out of the window for season 2 and they would open the show on the continuation from where Season 1 left off. My thoughts were, I wouldn't get to experience again the curveball that Diana so brilliantly threw with the beginning of Dragonfly in Amber.

After I watched the Episode, I realize that maybe I will take what Ron Moore says in the future with a grain of salt because he totally nailed this episode. True there were differences and the story was told a little different but it had the same impact and we begin in the same place as the book. I bow to you Sir and will never doubt again! I also would like to ask just how many of us are overwhelmingly jealous of our lead Heroine and how she has been lucky enough to find such love and devotion from 2 amazing men. Frank has really been brought to life in the television series more so than in the books and I do like that. He has actually become a sympathetic character to me when he wasn't much more than an afterthought for me in the books.

The transition between times in this episode was spot on and listening to Ron speak after the episode on how he got there was very insightful and I have the highest respect for the him and the writers on this series. I have made it my own personal rule to not disclose too many details of the exact episodes, because I don't like spoilers myself so I won't go into great detail and most of us have a pretty good idea where we are going in the season. With the first episode in I can definitely see where we are going to end and the stage being set for Season 3.

Sometimes I wish I didn't know what was coming but then I am glad so I don't despair too much. I would like to say as well that I love Claire and her strength and the fact she is a survivor, but she will be the cause of me having a heart attack if she doesn't stop running off and getting herself into these dangerous situations but alas I know that she doesn't, so I will just have to deal with that on my own. I know I am anxiously waiting for next Saturday and wish we had more than 13 episodes but I will take what I can get. In closing I say Vive Le Frasier’s or could it be Red, White and Blue Randall’s? Which side do you prefer?


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