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A Word To The Wise

There are potential spoilers for The Walking Dead in this article, so you have been forewarned. People never like spoilers, and that includes me too.

Rick Grimes Dying?! Never! (Unless The Choice Were Between Daryl And Rick. Sorry, Rick.)

Michonne knocks Rick right out.
Michonne knocks Rick right out.

Everyone knows that The Walking Dead is one of the best shows out there right next to Daredevil, Game of Thrones, and The Flash. All wonderful shows, but let's count up a couple of times The Walking Dead could have/probably should have ended a tad short by Rick dying.

1. Death By Coma

Yes, I am referring to the first episode. If we had to be 100 percent honest, would that little barricade really have stopped the undead/crazy people throughout the hospital from getting to him? Not only that, but we don't really know exactly how long Rick was there, but the lack of food and water should have killed him as well.

2. Never Meeting Morgan

Rick was about to pass out from possible dehydration on that front yard before Morgan's son wrecked him. Had they never met, Rick might have passed out and been eaten alive. Another theory is the fact that he was oblivious to what was going on and would have probably been bitten, had Morgan never told him the entirety of what was happening.

3. Shane Almost Gets It

Shane almost kills Rick a bunch of times! The most obvious moment would have been if Dale hadn't been with the two of them in the forest when they were hunting. Shane had Rick in his rifle sights and truly could have taken him out at any point without suspicion. Count your blessings, Rick, because dammit, Dale was the man! (A little manly crying begins.)

4. Governor > Rick

By Season 4, Episode 8, we see Rick and the Governor finally getting into fisticuffs! By the end of the fight. the Governor is absolutely destroying Rick. If Rick hadn't had the bonds he'd made with his friends, he would have been a goner. One minute later and Rick would have been done for. Good job Michonne for stabbing that jerk face right in the back!

5. Rick Becomes The New Mike Tyson

We all know what I am referring to, because Rick was badass! In Season 4, Episode 16, Rick was crazy close to being killed. Just as Joe is about to bring the hammer down, Rick decides to go all out. He rips the jugular right out of Joe's throat with his mouth! HIS FREAKING MOUTH. As wonderfully disgusting and awesome as that was, what if he hadn't made that bold move? Rick would have been killed along with everyone else who was with him. Carl might have stayed around to be one of the bad guys' — for a lack of a better word — "boy toys."

In Conclusion

There really are countless different ways that Rick could have been R.I.P.'d by now, and there probably will be a ton more! These few highlight just how easily his life could flicker out in the blink of an eye. So, keep your eyes open and buy a "Rick dies, we riot" shirt. Oh wait, those don't exist.


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