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Head in a book or lose yourself in a movie?

PJ's on, feet up, Warm cuppa in hand. Now the question is, do you stick your nose in the pages, or do you dive into a movie?

A book has the power to pick you up, spin you around and place you into another universe. They can make you relate to a protagonist way more than a movie ever could. You can relate, sympathize, befriend or even become, the hero in a book. Whereas a movie is a visual medium, therefore showing you a story as opposed to picking you up and throwing you, mentally, and if you truely believe it, physically, into a new world like a book can. That been said, there's some standout movies that go above and beyond to put the watcher into the movie.

Some of the movies that really sucked me in, in no particular order (other than the order that I thought of them) :

  • Gravity - i've never, nor will I ever go to space, but I don't feel like I need to anymore after seeing Gravity. I don't know what it's like to be in space, but after watching this movie. I felt it.
  • Alien - a keema madras, too much pure orange juice, and the movie Alien! The only things to ever make me crap my pants.
  • Irreversable - now this is different to any movie i've ever seen (it's french so you know it's not going to end well). When I watched this movie I felt like I was strapped on the walsers. What a feeling, to feel physically sick and not want it to end.
  • Inception - what can I say. This is the movie dreams are made of (get it... Dreams... I'll stop)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (Imax) - I actually fell out of my seat during the opening scene when the plane is highjacked. Never mind feeling sucked into a movie, I thought I was getting sucked out of a plane.

An author can express the heroes and heroines deepest, most introverted feelings and thoughts. A movie has to try and show this on the big screen, much harder, so if a movie succeeds in showing us how someone feels. Does it give it an even bigger, worthy payoff?

A list of books that may have actually changed my personality and the way I think about things :

  • Brilliance - this book made me actually look at people from a cautious perspective. Just incase they knew, or could do something that would make them a brilliant.
  • The Giver - this was a very 'light' read. But at times it got 'heavy'. It's description of loss and pain actually, uncontrollably, forced me to remember some upsetting, but necessary hardships in my life.
  • Catch 22 - is war stupid and pointless? Erm... Yes! Is it funny? Hell no (But this book is hilarious)!
  • Gone Girl - i've never been inside a crazy, insane, demented, disturbed womans head before. It felt... Scary.

You may have noticed that these books are, or are in the process of been turned into, movies. These amazing, in-depth, genuinely outstanding forms of penmanship are gorgous reads. I have also seen the movies and in no way do they make you feel the same way as the books do (Should they? Or is it made to show you something totally different?). But the feeling you get from a book turned movie while watching isn't always a negative one. Think of the score that a movie brings. They say that 70% of emotion during a movie scene is from the music (who says this? You know... Them!)

What about when you see you favourite actor? Do you want to watch a movie on the strength that he/she is in it? Guaranteeing to create such an emotional performance that your own imagination couldn't even replicate.

Would you prefer an author to describe a scene and let your imagination fill in the blanks? Or have a director create them for you to just sit back and enjoy? Think Lord of the Rings!

Do you want to create and dive into a story, a new world and let your own emotions and imagination drive you through, or do you want to sit back and watch the story unfold in front of your eyes, knowing the experts are taking care of everything (hopefully).


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