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Stephen Amell has kissed some hotties in his days on Arrow and more, so who takes the cake for best kisser?

No doubt it was a hard question, I mean, if you look at Stephen Amell's lip-locking repertoire of co-stars, dude has had it easy. Playing playboy Oliver Queen on Arrow, the kissing has been plentiful, from Legends Of Tomorrow's Caity Lotz, to the late Black Canary, Katie Cassidy. So who does he think was the best?

Entertainment Tonight asked the TMNT 2 stud just that as he made his way into the MTV Movie Awards last night to present the award for Best Kiss, and his response actually isn't shocking at all!

None other than his current on-screen love on Arrow, Emily Bett Rickards! Olicity fans everywhere cried out in joy when Stephen revealed the two are such good friends, its now just becomes second nature to them on screen!

"She's a good kisser," he explained. "There's always a nervous energy when you kiss somebody, and we had known each other and are such good friends before in such a platonic, non-romantic way. It instills some of the nerves that are needed, that make a good kiss."

Emily Bett has also previously weighed in on their lip-locking, saying that the pair just let go of their inhibitions for the screen.

"There's not really a boundary between us anymore, as actors, like [with] touching and as far as that goes because our characters don't have that either," she revealed. "I think that's what shows the connection."

What connection? THIS connection! (Is it hot in here?)

I mean, we can't blame him, as couple Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow, and Felicity Smoak on Arrow, the pair have sizzling hot chemistry that no one can deny. So much so that though bringing the two together wasn't in the original plans on the show at all, they went out of their way to change everything so that it would be! As soon Emily was changed from guest star to series regular, the showrunners picked up on their undeniable connection, and switched course toward bringing them together in the ultimate slow-burn. This made for some very happy fans, who had already coined the pair "Olicity". Once, Olicity fans even trended on Twitter begging The CW to release Oliver and Felicity's first kiss (below), which had been cut from the season 2 finale. The kiss was a part of a scene in which Oliver professed his love for Felicity as a part of a plan to fool Slade Wilson, which ended up holding a little more truth than Oliver Queen had planned...

Emily Bett was not short on competition, though, on Arrow for Stephen Amell's coveted best kiss. Like in Season 1 when Oliver and "The Huntress" Helena hooked up! She was as much of a playgirl as he was a playboy, and it was hot!

Oliver also shared a few smooches in Season 1 with his past love, Laurel Lance, and it proved to be the end of their romantic relationship on the show...

Or in Season 2 when Oliver and Sara Lance (Laurel's sister) rekindled their damaged romance, to which many fans favored over his relationship with Laurel, and wished had kept going...

However, when you look and the chemistry Oliver and Felicity have on screen, Stephen's answer isn't surprising at all...

Here's a few of their best smooches on Arrow, for science of course;-)!

Smoakin hot (pun intended)! They have some of the best chemistry on TV, and though Oliver and Felicity's relationship has hit a road bump on the superhero show, no doubt it will be patched up in no time. Their relationship has proven to be a hit with fans, as Seasons 3 and 4 of Arrow finally saw the pair as an item, and are the show's highest rated yet! Right now, however, they must be put on the back-burner as Team Arrow must deal with the recent death of one of their team members, Laurel Lance aka Black Canary, and defeat her killer, Damien Darhk!

Arrow returns Wednesday, April 27th at 8/7c on the CW!


Who was your favorite smooch of Oliver Queen's?


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