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According to Parentherald Teen Wolf Season 6 is still months away from its premiere on MTV but fans are already excited to learn more about what's next for Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and the rest of the Pack. Spoilers for the upcoming season hint that Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) will be back in Beacon Hills, in episode 1 or 2.

Season 6 spoilers reveal that Hoechlin still will not be appearing in the first half of the upcoming season. There also won't be any new Hales arriving in town; instead, the show will be introducing three new teenagers to the cast in an attempt to focus on a younger Teen Wolf.

Season 6 Teen Wolf is that of all the dangers. More or less announced as the latest, MTV expects much . Leave Scott, Stiles and Lydia (Holland Roden) go to college? Highlight Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), Mason (Khylin Rhambo), Hayden (Victoria Moroles) and Corey (Michael Johnston)? Kira (Arden Cho) sacrifice to put the spice in the love life of Scott? The options might be many , they will not satisfy everyone. Even more, if the shooting resumed in the last few weeks, things will be complicated in the coming days. Indeed, the accident of Dylan O’Brien has a direct impact on the filming of season 6. But Tyler Posey said that Dylan O'Brien is back in LA, he didn't say filming, but he's home. So we might expect him already on set. He's recovering just fine.

This famous episode 3 that Theo should make a comeback . But that’s not all. It was also at that time that Stiles party to new heights at the end of the first season, was to reappear in the series. Not only Theo would return to the show. According to Sivertimes Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman) would also return. They say that he has been on set talking to Jeff Davis. While Kira wouldn't return yet.

You could also see a redemption story of Theo, according to Palameros he would come back from hell as a changed guy, still badass. But he would be better after everything he saw. He would be very strong to survive there and escape. The weirdest thing would be that he would be changed back to normal. Human. He wouldn't be human for a long time, because he would get bitten by a new Were-Creature. A Were-Hyenna is rumored by Ryan's Blog. Theo would save Stiles from The Nazi Werewolf and Stiles would tell Scott they can trust Theo. This time Scott would trust Stiles his instincts.

Cody confirmed the news during his interview on Oz Comic-Con in Perth, Australia, IB Times noted. When asked if his character is really dead, he responded with a "no." "I'm not dead, no. Keep watching."

So that's already an almost confirmed. The cast would start filming episode 3 on April 11. While Tyler Posey already filmed the first part of it. Dylan O'Brien would be appearing in episode 3 and 4, still a lot like always. But we would only see him in 1 scene for episode 5 and if he doesn't returns on time for episode 6, he would film episode 6 later with another small scene. While the show can welcome Peter Hale, Theo Raeken, Isaac Lahey and Deucalion back. We will also get to see Coach Bobby Finstock back in episode 5 or 7. This is rumored. Episode 7 would have a very romantic scene with Scott and another guy.

Teen Wolf has yet no airdate, but is expected to air in June or this fall.


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