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Welcome to My Two Cents, where I just ramble on (sometimes incoherently) about a topic that I have an interest in… today is the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead. There will be spoilers so if you have not watched it yet come back to this. Ready! Go!

Well, where should I start? How about with the slow (and I do mean slow) burn to finally seeing Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan looking quite trim) in the flesh. The episode kind of dragged on with a kind of meanering until they were ready to show Negan at the very end of the episode. We do see the climax to story of the Savior that was on Carol’s trail; and how after shooting Carol to torture her for her slaughter of his group in the previous episode, he met his demise at the hands of Morgan.

Speaking of Morgan, he had a little Rick moment when he came across a saddled horse and rode it around looking for Carol. He found her in pretty bad shape and helped patch her up before telling her she was going back to Alexandria with him. Of course being the newly independent woman that she is, Carol told him no way and slipped away when he was distracted by a hanging walker. He found her on the ground facing up at the barrel of a gun from Savior Sam, then after giving him a chance to drop the gun and walk away Morgan shot him when he decided to try to shoot Carol again. We then get two guys show up in what looks like riot gear minus the helmet, one obviously missing his horse that Morgan had. They exchange pleasantries and Morgan tells them Carol needs help, they shake hands, and tell him “Let’s get her some help then”.

Now I assume these guys aren’t from the Hilltop and that they are from The Kingdom instead. I don’t recall seeing horse at the Hilltop when the group was there earlier in the season. For those that don’t know, The Kingdom is a colony of people who live in a old high school that is walled with buses and metal. It is led by a man named Ezekiel who has a pet tiger. He is an older african american man with long white dreadlocks and is a bit theatrical, often times referring to himself as King Ezekiel. In the comic series the Kingdom has armored men on horseback who do patrols much like the men we saw on the show. So it looks like we’re meeting Ezekiel in season 7!

We then spend the rest of the episode playing a cat and mouse game with Rick’s group (consisting of Rick, Carl, Abraham, Eugene, Sasha, and Aaron) who are taking Maggie to the doctor at Hilltop. They are funneled into taking the route that leads to Negan who makes one hell of an entrance. Rick steadily realizes that he has no option but to do what he is told and give up his weapons and get on his knees. Now for those that have read the comic you know how this scene plays out. For those that haven’t, well, it’s not pretty. As far as Negan goes this is a pretty tame version of him compared to the comics. Now I know that we won’t be seeing anyone say Fuck on the show let alone use it every other word like Negan does in the comics but he did say Shit a lot.

We are robbed of seeing who just who exactly it is that meets their demise at the barbed edge of Negans bat Lucille, but we do see him swing her into somebodys head! We’re left with the sound of something wet being pounded into mush with just a black screen. Fucking lame! We waited all season for this debut and the death of someone major, but AMC, the producers, and writers robbed us of it! Bastards! Ahem, well, now that that’s out of the way let’s go over who it could be…

If there’s one thing this show has taught us, it’s that the comic and the show don’t necessarily mesh together. There are a lot of the same story beats and moments but we have some pretty different characters at this point than we have in the comics. For example: Andrea is alive and well, and shebanging with Rick. Abraham is the one who had their head used as the dartboard not Denise. Judith met her end along with Lori in the prison break. There is no Daryl or Sasha in the comic. Carol is long dead and Sophia is alive and well and has been unofficially adopted by Glenn and Maggie. So it’s a little difficult to peg just who’s head Negan will play Gallagher with.

In the comics it’s Glenn who takes the home run shot from Negan in what was one of the most heart wrenching scenes in The Walking Dead comic…

Now that’s the obvious choice. Just like Tyrese was the obvious choice but they instead went with Herschel, during the prison break way back in season 4. So Glenn may get a pass here. Daryl is another one that seems obvious. Yes, it would be an emotional blow and may cost the show some viewers but it would be a brave move by AMC to do it. Rick won’t bite it he’s the main character. That does not necessarily mean he’s completly safe, but for now he is. Carl has too much story to be killed of here, so we think he’s safe. Eugene, Sasha, Rosita, Aaron, and Abraham just won’t have that much emotional impact so we’re counting them out. That leaves Maggie and Michonne.

Either one of these ladies meeting their end would rattle viewers and the characters in the show alike. It would be a far departure from the book and would be especially devastating with Maggie being pregnant and Michonne and Rick’s relationship. Aside from Glenn or Daryl these two ladies would be the most impactful deaths to hit the show since Herschel or Beth. Let’s hope it’s not them and they stick to the comics for this one. Glenn Rhee, you have a place in our hearts.

What do you think? Who do you think will be the one on the end of Lucille’s barbs? Let us know!


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