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Teen Wolf season 6 is going to be a ghost story. Like season 5 was a monster movie.

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) and Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) both will be a focus this season. Like fans ship "Stydia". The Nazi Werewolf is going to be a main villain. But there is also another main villain. A mythology. The fans expect it to be The Wild Hunt (Ghost Riders) what's just a rumor. But if it's true it would be a big storyline for Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) and Lydia Martin. But nothing has been confirmed yet. While season 6 is confirmed to have a great Stydia story, Jeff also confirmed more stuff on season 6. Like the new mythology will be 3 big new bad guys in town. New, not old characters. And they're tall. The Sheriff Station will be a bad place to be at in season 6. Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) will be involved a lot this season, but it won't all be so good. Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) will be Accelerating towards the idea of becoming an Alpha. Jeff also confirmed that Stiles will have a big episode, something big will happen to him.

Deputy Strauss (Aaron Thornton), Deputy Valerie Clarke (Benita Robledo), Deputy Jordan Parrish and Linden Ashby will be involved a lot this season.

Cody Christian confirmed that his character Theo Raeken isn't dead. But he didn't confirm that he's back. But fans expect him back in season 6. While some sites have gone so far to saying that he'll be back in episode 1, what would be the opening scene actually. It would start with Theo Raeken coming out of hell. We will only see him in the opening credits after that, he will only be credited in episode 2 and he'll be back in Beacon Hills in episode 3. They also say he would be turned back to human, burned, he'll be getting a redemption story, his first scene in episode 3 will be him saving Stiles from The Nazi Werewolf and after that he'll get bitten by a green eyed Were-Creature, rumored to be the Were-Hyenna. The pack would go to Deaton after that, and we won't have to see Theo in pain for a long time. This is just rumored. The same sites say that Daniel Sharman is coming back in that same episode at the end. Other sites say episode 10.

But good news has been dropped. Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) will be back. He has been seen on set, with a script, here is proof:

Ian Tweeted "I'm coming back" he didn't say to Teen Wolf, but we already knew enough after a picture got leaked. Teen Wolf made sure they took the picture down in 24 hours. So that's proof.

Chris Argent (JR Bourne) won't e returning as a recurring character in future seasons (after season 6), he will star in hiw own tv show, prototype on Syfy. While he might still guest star on Teen Wolf later on.

Tyler Hoechlin who portrays Derek Hale won't be in season 6A.

Pete Ploszek will portray a new character, a teacher in Beacon Hills, called Mr. Garrett Douglas.

Deucalion (Gideon Emery) will also return to Teen Wolf in season 6, rumored episode 2.

While Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) won't be in the main cast of season 6, we'll get to see new opening credits, rumored to add Ryan Kelley and Cody Christian. While this isn't confirmed.

We're also getting to see a new mythology in season 6B, rumored to have develish creatures in it. 4 new characters will be added for season 6B

Jeff also spoiled the fans with a return of someone that was from season 2 and 3 and is a possible bisexual love interest for Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), he's rumored to be Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman).

Sivertimes directly added a rumor on this, that Kira Yukimura would go dark and turn into a Nogitsune after she sees that her friends are happy without her and seeing her boyfriend with someone else (well ex boyfriend). She will also see Theo Raeken being in the pack, who she was going to get for the skinwalkers and then be free. But at the end she and the skinwalkers would be side villains in season 6B. This is just a rumor, but could be a good development for Kira Yukimura, but not the last one.

A Glee writer, that now writes on Teen Wolf, said that Teen Wolf might do what Glee did back in the Glee days. But still very different. According to Palameros this writer said that Teen Wolf would want the 60 full minutes and maybe more to see the college kids and the young kids. They would still crossover. The show isn't called Beacon Hills he said and as long as they're Teen Werewolfs it's fine. Even if the older ones still are the biggest part of it.

That's also just a rumor. Some sites have gone so far to post fake interviews of Jeff Davis and putting out rumors that Jake T. Austin and Ross Lynch will be on season 6. Jake T. Austin was on a set close to Teen Wolf because he's filming a movie "The Valley". Not because he's on Teen Wolf. If it's true, we'll hear it from Jeff Davis. Hear, not read fake articles. Ross Lynch hasn't even been close to Teen Wolf. According to Christian Posts, Jeff Davis doesn't even know who Ross Lynch is. This rumors got out, when a blonde boy with long hair and the same height as Ross Lynch was seen in the back of the behind the scenes snaps. But i confirm you that Ross Lynch won't show up on Teen Wolf season 6. But we did get to see Ian Nelson who played the younger version of Miguel Juarez, just kidding, Derek Hale. We might get to see a flashback. But it isn't confirmed. He might have just been there to say hi to his friends.

Something that got confirmed is that Hayden Romero (Victoria Moroles) and Liam Dunbar will share a romantic scene in episode 1 or 2. We'll also see them in the woods, running. Mason Hewitt (Khylin Rhambo) and Corey (Michael Johnston) will also be a focus this season. We might even see Corey's last name. While Mason will be struggling with what happened with him becoming The Beast and dissapearing. But they won't take his funny side away. Parrish will also be struggling with his day job and night job. And wants to take control over the Hellhound. What could lead into 6B. They can do a lot of things with a Hellhound, that would be the next step.

Another confirmed thing is, if Teen Wolf season 6 is the last season, we'll get to see M...Ienim Stilinski his full name. He's known as Stiles to the most of his friends. While Scott will know the whole name, Melissa, Coach Bobby Finstock and Stilinski will know the whole name too. This is confirmed, and rumored. We aren't very sure that we could trust this interview with Jeff Davis of Palameros.

While we wait till more confirmed news, i can give away that episode 3 will start filming on April 11, only Tyler Posey already did a scene of episode 3 on April 7 and 8. While 1 actor has yet to do episode 1, rumored to be Cody Christian, and another actor is finishing Episode 2 on April 10 and 11. Rumored to be Dylan O'Brien.

Tyler Posey cleared things up and said Dylan O'Brien is fine and is back home. He lives in LA, close to where Teen Wolf films their episodes. So it's almost sure we get to see Dylan O'Brien a lot in epsidos 1,2,3,4 and 5 if he can finish it before leaving to The Maze Runner on May 15, 2016, while they would start filming again on May 17, 2016. Teen Wolf would finish episode 5 and 6 by that time and have a break. We aren't expected to see Dylan O'Brien in a lot of scenes in episode 6, maybe just 1. Dylan O'Brien would later return to Teen Wolf in June, when they start filming episode 7 and 8, then he'll go back to the Maze Runner and we won't see him a lot in episode 9. But he'll be back to finish some of episode 9 and 10. Then go back to The Maze Runner till he finishes the movie and then Teen Wolf will start filming again.

Teen Wolf is rumored to return in June or July 2016. While MTV.Com posted "this fall". MTV might have made a mistake there. But Teen Wolf might return this fall. While season 6B is expected late March 2017. Teen Wolf would go back to Tuesdays at 9Pm. A Trailer of season 6 (episode 1,2,3, 4 and some of 5) is expected late may, while it would just be 45 seconds.


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