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Ben Rothwell and Junior dos Santos are fighting at UFC Fight Night 86 in the main event that is going down right now... April 10... from Zagreb, Croatia.

The 34 and 32 year old fighters are both 6'4". Rothwell looks physically more imposing than dos Santos off the bat. But we'll see who takes this one in the Croatian cage in Zagreb.

Vegas odds: -130 Junior dos Santos +100 Ben Rothwell

So without further ado, let's dive in:

Round 1

They're bouncing around sizing each other up in the first round (of a potential five). Rothwell is in the black trunks and dos Santos is in the white.

We're at 4 minutes left in the round and the only strike that's landed is one decent left from dos Santos. Rothwell is looking to land a kick and you can almost see it coming from a mile away. Dos Santos looks much quicker.

Some nice shots landed in close from Rothwell...

The two 6'4" giants are large men.

Sharp strike to the body from dos Santos.

Rothwell barely steps twice before changing stances. This is like a chess match of sorts, but instead of pawns and bishops, it's 240+ pound men going at each other.

Rothwell came with a really powerful overhand that barely misses.

Regardless of whether Rothwell lands these blows, he's bringing his body at dos Santos, getting him pinned against the cage of the Octagon several times already. Nice leg kick from Rothwell.

The body work of Junior dos Santos commendable.

Solid first round. Round 2 is next! Stay tuned.

Round 2

Rothwell is getting worked this round.

Both fighters are landing some solid blows.

Dos Santos thought speed would be the difference, and it's looking to be true.

The right eye of Ben Rothwell is starting to shut a little bit.

Dos Santos is really working that center line. It's easy to jab in the chest with a guy like Rockwell who keeps changing his stance.

Dos Santos looks decidedly more engergized.

Rothwell keeps leading with an open palm, he's been warned twice.



Stay tuned for the third round. I have a feeling there might not be any more.

Round 3

Look for more uppercuts from Ben Rothwell.

I have a feeling this could be the last round...

Rothwell keeps changing his stance.

Dos Santos keeps landing solid body shots.

But for Rothwell, when he lunges towards dos Santos near the fence, he's doing the most damage.

It looks like Dos Santos is in control of the fight... that is, until Rothwell comes at Dos Santos with little bursts of energy.

Rockwell is doing much better this round.

Dos Santos looks incredibly comfortable. He caught a rhythm in Round 2 that's lasted into the third round. There's a lot of pressure on Dos Santos in this fight, and he's living up to the hype.

But all it takes is one hammer... one fist... that if landed, could change everything.

Dos Santos has the quantity of shots... especially body shots. But Rothwell has the power.

Wow, Dos Santos just landed a spinning kick. Another strong round for the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Rothwell is hanging in there. He needs a Hail Mary type shot that could change everything.

Round 4

Rothwell has to go with more of what's been working... stance changes, powerful bursts of violent activity. Whether that's lunging at him, trying to land a haymaker... Clearly, dos Santos respects the power of Ben.

They just traded side kicks. Dos Santos' had a bit more effectiveness.

Dos Santos looks just as energized as he did in the very beginning of the fight. Rothwell looks like he's taken a few too many body shots. Dos Santos looks incredibly comfortable.

Too often, tonight, Ben Rothwell has been one and done with these blows.

He's got to use his unorthodox, awkward, style to his advantage. Rothwell is trying to force the action a little bit.

We'll see if Round 4 is the one. Or will this go the distance?

Rothwell lands a great right hand and a high kick. But it might not be enough.

Rothwell just seems like he's losing momentum. There haven't been many opportunities for him. Dos Santos is a constant moving target.

Rothwell just looked for an uppercut that wasn't there. Looks like we're probably going to a fifth and final round.

Round 5

Ben Rothwell has some serious work to do to close the distance and find a way to get inside on Junior dos Santos. These body shots are truly adding up.

Dos Santos has truly slowed down Rockwell over the 4 previous rounds. I think Rockwell is going to have to bring something serious and powerful.

Rockwell just doesn't look like he has the energy left to get this thing done. And Dos Santos is looking good.

Dos Santos just landed a knee that was essential.

Dos Santos is just jabbing away and the sum of all of those body blows seems to be taking their toll.

1 minute left!

Dos Santos is in control, clearly. Nice kick to the face!

Barring anything ridiculous happening, this one is probably over.

20 seconds!

Rothwell landed a face shot at the very end. But they went the distance. And that... is that!

Dos Santos is going to take this one...


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