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Is Batman wearing underoos? Check out the all new trailer for Suicide Squad first; it's even better than the last one!

This really is the time to be a fan of all things comic booky! Self-described fanboy journalist Umberto Gonazlez just put out a YouTube video containing some interesting tidbits to whet our appetites for more DC material. The next trailer for Suicide Squad is due out in a couple of weeks (it just came out tonight, sorry) and it's going to have "Ballroom Blitz" as the song that's playing throughout the trailer (he was right about Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"). Another thing that he said was Batman will have a larger role than previously expected in Suicide Squad.

Check out the video first:

It doesn't make sense to have a Batman that advanced in age and not have a Dick Grayson. I digress, first, Umberto stated that Batman will have a much larger role and it makes sense because a lot of the villains in the movie are from his rogue gallery in the comics. Now, they could just use him in flashbacks taking down each former villain, but why? Also, that trailer just made uber-excited to see the movie and I hope it's even weirder than the trailer!

Honestly, who doesn't want to see Grayson in Suicide Squad?

Grayson vs Midnighter
Grayson vs Midnighter

Movies tend to feel overstuffed when the director wants to put too many pieces in them in a way that it is inorganic story-telling which is not edible for the audience (you get it). BvS suffered a great deal from this and I hope that David Ayer remedied this mistake. Grayson works for a government agency in his new comic and that would make sense given the premise of Suicide Squad. Also, DC is taking inspiration from a lot of their new comics in the newly formed DCEU (Wonder Woman's origin, Harley's origin, etc..). Some people will claim that this is all fanboy speculation, but it makes too much sense to be ignored.

Agent 37
Agent 37

First, I will never watch any DC movie again if they use any part of Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Boy Wonder in their universe. I hated how it portrayed Batman and Robin's relationship -- also, he made Dick totally different in the worst possible way. Who doesn't want to see Batman and Robin arguing about how to take down criminals, or Batman giving Dick orders? This is an extremely smart move on DC's part including Robin and having Batman play a prominent role in Suicide Squad. With the recently reported news of re-shoots -- makes me wonder if WB/DC did this to add more Batman, or to further elaborate on some scenes? Either way, you can't go wrong with more Batman, unless you're BvS.

(With the new trailer just premiering and the lack of Scott Eastwood almost proves that he's playing a vital role. I'm glad DCEU learned from their mistake with Doomsday and keeping some surprises. Margot Robbie looks amazing as Harley Quinn and I just want to see this movie now. This was my third-most anticipated movie behind Civil War and Deadpool!)

Scott Eastwood and Agent 37
Scott Eastwood and Agent 37

Secondly, barely anyone outside the fandom knows that Nightwing is Dick Grayson, former Robin (or who he even is). You can ask anyone down the street and they'll know who Batman and Robin are. Now, ask them who were the first first three Robins in DC's main continuity were?

Warner Brothers still wants to distance themselves as far away from Batman and Robin, by ignoring all the history and exploring their relationship in the present, allows for a re-introduction to the casual fan without the tainted movie, hanging over either of their heads.

Lastly, were we really going to be treated to a movie with all villains? I know, Rick Flag is technically not a bad guy and they're supposed to be anti-heroes, but really? The biggest question that must be ask: Why wouldn't you put Grayson in Suicide Squad? I don't see how it could make the movie seem bloated and they could fit it in an organic way that would only benefit the story. Marvel has a goldmine in all of Spider-Man's secondary characters and so does DC with all of Batman's Robins. DC needs to take full advantage of it and give us something good to talk about!

I can't wait for Suicide Squad to hit theaters this August!

Do you think we'll see Dick Grayson in 'Suicide Squad'?


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