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From witnessing the epic adventures within 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', we've now moved on to waiting for the future of the DCEU. While we're getting 'Wonder Woman' next year, we are also getting the 'Justice League: Part 1'. Which will showcase the newly formed, yet already known members, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Batman, Wonder Woman, along with the possible return of Superman. Zack Snyder and writer, Chris Terrio have already finished their script for the movie, which is now being shot. The news we haven't received yet, was the villain against the League and whether there will be a "seventh member". Well, here's a wild guess to Brainiac possibly being featured somewhere. Or Martian Manhunter making his way as the unknown member.

Missed it? You have to take a closer glance.

Sorry for the pixelation of the image, but the concept art figure seems to have a similar appearance to the destructive humanoid, Brainiac. Though he's thin in scale, his green skin-tone, purple and black suit and covering helmet gives reference to the character. There are also these known descriptions of Brainiac and his Skull ship.


There are even references to the Brainiac from the comics, Superman: Red Son.

In the New 52, Brainiac is referred as 'The Collector of Worlds.' He was someone that supplied Lex Luthor with information on Superman. Which could relate to Lex using the scout ship to contact worlds and beings outside of our galaxy. Brainiac could have been one of them. Also, he is shown to have returned to Krypton, only to have found it destroyed in the comic. This could also play into him looking for Krypton, instead, he finds nothing. Which translates well into being contacted by Lex Luthor, whose world holds the actual remains of Krypton. It could all be unwillingly, since in Batman v Superman, Lex says "bingbingbing" which is a reference to Darkseid's "pingpingping". But prior to that, his conversation with the ships A.I was about learning all of the knowledge it holds. Brainiac could have been one of the thousands. Possibly, millions.

We know that Brainiac is known for being able to possess others under his "12th level-intellect." Earth is at its 6th level being in the 21st century and would only reach its 9th level in the 31st century. This is a definite leeway for his controlling. Now, the way this could all play out is by having John Corben, before becoming Metallo gain contact with Brainiac or vice versa. In The New 52, Metallo was controlled by Brainiac, before breaking free. In the film, Terrio could have the mysterious role by Dan Amboyer be John Corben, though many claim it to be Green Lantern. Having John Corben cameo in Batman v Superman could add to the future of Superman's solo story. Plus, it wouldn't make sense to have the Justice League's, which enters next year, villain be someone that can mainly harm Superman again. Doomsday was the villain before with such capabilities. That and the fact that Metallo isn't nearly as threatening as Brainiac or Darkseid.

Darkseid was a huge hint in Batman v Superman. Big enough for all of the members of the Justice League to have to take down. But don't forget that the future has changed in the movie, since Batman never killed Superman, which led to Lois's possible death and the Flash making his travel to the past Bruce to warn him. This is another theory, better explained HERE. But to me, the future will be different. Now, having Bruce and Diana gather the rest of the members, which would lead into a better future where they are ready for Darkseid. Darkseid, who would be better suited for 'Justice League part 2', since he is always the main antagonist for the League and that this movie is the last Justice League film that we know of. Why wouldn't DC end it all on the highest scale? Darkseid has had clues, but none state that he is for certain the first Justice League's villain. He was simply hinted upon arriving, just like Thanos was in the MCU. Except, Thanos actually made appearances. Maybe we will see another hint in Wonder Woman' solo next year.

Martian Manhunter

We know that the past Aquaman photo stated, "Unite The Seven". This could be the "seven seas", meaning a gathering for war under his controlling. Or the actual seven members of the Justice League. Martian Manhunter could be the seventh member. Green Lantern would make it eight, but 'Green Lantern Corp' won't be released until 2020. I can see him appearing in 'Justice League part 2'. It's better suited for him to be.

Though the concept art displays the character with and without a helmet, he has some of the same descriptions as Manhunter. The purple and black outfit. The greenish skin. Minus the headwear, it all lines nearly in the same category as Brainiac. One way to have him make contact with Earth, is again by Lex's involvement with the scout ship. Or things could follow the comics and have him be the counterpart for Superman, assigned by Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor. The two he takes orders from. This could also be Trevor's way of returning. Through Manhunter somehow. And as we can tell, Waller controls many "specials" in 'Suicide Squad'. El Diablo and Killer Croc to name a few. So, it's possible for Martian Manhunter to be with her also.

Now, recently a few commenters have noticed the concept arts resemblance to Black Manta, the enemy of DC's "King of the Seven Seas". He has the appearance and the mask placed on the other figures, fit the description of Manta's. Even the purple in his suit. They nailed it. "Commenters, Roke Navarro Varela, Derek Schemonitz, Brandon Stonebridge, Craig Dixon and Alan Jones."

Black Manta

All in all, these are just theories. Or possibly another form of Easter Eggs from Snyder. Either way, I hope to see Brainiac, Black Manta and Martian Manhunter in the future DCEU movies. 'Justice League part 1' arrives on November 17, 2017.


What are your theories?


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