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Brandon Milby

It's not often that people find themselves on the cusp of something with the potential to be amazing. For those lucky few, the world of Indie artists is temporarily within reach. Today, I am one such person.

I have been given the opportunity to promote a project with the potential to become a feature film unlike anything I've ever seen from the world of independent films. This film has been titled Sherwood Horror and the concept is even better than the title!

Essentially, this film is a contemporary adaptation of the classic Robin Hood story. The world that John Regan has fleshed out is one where vampirism is rampant and the only person who can stop it is Robin Hood and his friends. Now, I know that it has become something of a trend in both film and literature to pair classic tales with zombies or vampires, but this project seems to have a darker vibe to it. The costume design for the archer himself is reminiscent of the Arrow TV series which is a fantastic design idea in my opinion. But don't just take my word for it, check out their concept trailer below:

I don't know about you, but that's definitely not what I was expecting when I was first told about this project. The effects are extremely well done and that combined with this concept show great potential for this film. However, their deadline is in just two short weeks and they're pretty far off from their goal. I have made a contribution of my own and if you're not convinced that this project is worth your time, look at some of the concept art:

For more information on this project and other bits of concept art, head to their Kickstarter page found here. If for nothing else, please lend support to a group of people trying to tell their version of a story.

Side note: The amount of reward granted for being even a low-level backer is far greater than a lot of the Kickstarter campaigns I've seen in the past. If none of the above has moved you, maybe that little bit of incentive can help!


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