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It's been a couple of weeks since [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) hit theaters, and unfortunately it's not receiving the praise we all thought it would. Personally, I would say that the highlights outweigh the issues, and that this movie should be seen as a success that has laid a solid foundation for the future of the DCEU. But the numbers don't lie, showing that the rest of the world doesn't seem to share my opinion.

So far, what was arguably the highest anticipated film of the year saw two consecutive weeks of significant drops, earning them $298 Million domestically. Even though those drops were a bit frightening for those of us hoping for it to be a box office hit, the DC film earned $500 Million internationally. Looking at the global numbers, this so called failure earned more than Fox's Deadpool, The Original Star Wars, and even Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, surpassing their numbers by tens of millions of dollars. Two out of three of those movies were praised by fans and critics alike! So what's the issue with the DC epic that we all asked for?

Despite the films 'failure', fans have continued to give it their attention by coming up with different theories, and discovering clues that were either hidden ingeniously or in plain sight. One that I discovered instantly was in the last act of the movie.

The Death of Superman

Does this look familiar? Before they lowered the Man of Steel into his grave, we are shown this black coffin embellished with a slick and silver symbol of hope. During The Death of Superman arc where in Superman: Man of Steel #25 our favorite boy in blue came back to life, he made his heroic return with an all new look.

After being resurrected thanks to a Kryptonian "regeneration matrix" our hero rocked this black suit for several issues before changing back to the classic blue, red, and yellow. Now I doubt that Henry Cavill's Superman will come back with long hair, and an all new black and silver suit. Still, I couldn't help but notice this awesome, yet subtle nod to the comics. This truly was a comic book movie for comic book fans. Thank you Zack Snyder for throwing that little reference in there for us, the fans, to enjoy!

Did you notice this reference?

What other references or Easter eggs have you found?
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