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I see as many films as possible to share my thoughts everyone. We all love movies, but sometimes we would like to know a few opinions first.
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I will try to make this review the least biased as I possibly can. Television comes and goes, so when studios produce sitcoms, they really must be trying their absolute best to create memorable episodes that people can relate to and remember forever. Everybody says that television is currently (2016) in it's prime and that it (unlike cinema) is rapidly on the rise. Films these days are following the same formula, and while their are great gems that come from each year, it is the most trending that get's the attention. This is the biggest problem that big studios face today. The ABC sitcom "Boy Meets World" aired from 1993-2000. These are my thoughts on why I believe this is the best sitcom ever to be released on television, that I have seen.

I grew up in the 90's, so this show was very popular during my time. Having seen every episode multiple times, I feel the need to express my thoughts. Beginning from mid-gradeschool years and finishing amongst the characters attending college together, "Boy Meets World" follows Cory, Topanga, and Shawn as the three main leads of this show. From Cory living in a middle class home with great parents and a loving brother and sister, to Topanga as the rich friend that we do not see outside of school until the later seasons, to Shawn as the poor trailer-park best friend, this show can relate to all of it's viewers.

Dealing with real world issues and raw human emotion, this series is also hilarious due to it's clever scripts throughout all seven seasons. This is the type of programming that was perfect for children and adults, due to it's hidden messages that only teenagers and adults could understand. While these message were shown, the visual gags and immature characters could always entertain the younger viewers.

Many people view this show as a product of the 90's, and depending on your viewpoint, it very well may feel dated, but the characters are very fleshed out to the point where you could see them grow up and imagine for yourself where they would be in today's society. Products of the 90's are shows like "Sex and the City," "Spider-Man: The Animated Series," or "Beverly Hills: 90210." Shows such as these were created in that era and remained in that era. The only people continuing to re-watch them are the die hard fans that grew up with them, because reality shows have taken over the "90210" demographic, and Marvel, DC, and Disney have now mastered superheroes, making the classic tv shows available only for nostalgic purposes.

Yes, there are many sitcoms that people seem to enjoy nowadays, but they either have an abrupt ending, get cancelled, or end on fan service. Shows like "Two and a Half Men" or "How I Met Your Mother" ended on a note that made fans chuckle or complain. It is arguable that the weekly dramas airing on television today are some of the best shows ever to air on television, so that is for another argument entirely. This final statement should help you understand my personal opinion on "Boy Meets World."

Without giving too much away, "Boy Meets World" ends with a scene that ties the entire show together, leaves things open for the future of these characters, and is able to encapsulate every proper character emotion necessary. Again, dealing with things that almost every grade school student, high school student, and college student may have dealt with in their lives at one point in time, "Boy Meets World" showcases things for the immature and mature all at once. Season one deals with being grounded, going to detention, and having your first kiss. Season five through seven begins to deal with sex, relationships, and the long road of life ahead. Airing on ABC Family, that was a really risky thing to accomplish. This show may not hit home with you as it does for me, but I promise you, if you go back to watch every episode, I can personally guarantee that you will find at least one episode that relates to a moment in your life.

"Boy Meets World" is the finest sitcom I have ever watched and that will continue to remain my thoughts for the remainder of my life. I watch countless television shows and feature films, and nothing has left a larger impact on me than this show in particular. Forever television gold in my mind, "Boy Meets World" is.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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