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After a while, Call of Duty Zombies can get pretty boring, or, if you're like me, the massive hordes of blood thirsty undead corpses start to trigger a bit of my survivalist anxiety. Thankfully, fun-loving, creative geniuses like Playingtowin89 (who might have a bit too much time on his hands) sometimes decide to give the gaming world a treat and put a hilarious twist on the classic popular survival game.

Playingtowin89's Spongebob Squarepants map allows you to jump straight into the underwater world of Bikini Bottom! Only difference? GUNS!!!

Check out some gameplay by YouAlwaysWin:

So what new features can you expect from a bad-ass Spongebob map?

Welcome to Bikini Bottom

Right from the start, players are fully immersed in the world of Bikini Bottom. From Barg-N-Mart to Shady Shoal Retirement to Spongebob's classic Pineapple, players can happily explore Spongebob's underwater hometown. You can also pay to get out of town, and who knows what lies beyond the Bikini Bottom town limits! Only down side to the mod? You can't enter any of the buildings, so let's cross our fingers for an even more immersive update!

Familiar Faces

The mod allows you to play as any of the main characters like Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward, but the other citizens of Bikini Bottom have not been left behind! As you run around the streets, you will come across panicked friends and family willing to donate a few Ammo Coins in exchange for your help in getting rid of the Bubble Buddy infestation.

When Bubble Buddy Attacks

Bubble buddy was not happy about being threatened with an angry sewing needle-bearing horde last time he was in Bikini Bottom, so he has returned to enact his revenge! If you thought zombies were difficult to handle, try shooting at transparent bubbles!

The Plankton Hounds

What would Bikini Bottom be without Plankton? Replacing the terrifying Round 5 Hellhounds from Zombies will be everyone's favorite passive aggressive protozoan. While he might not seem as threatening as a fiery, blood thirsty canine, Plankton's minuscule size makes him a worthy adversary.

Ammo Coins

Overall, the Spongebob map will be familiar to anyone who has played their fair share of Call of Duty zombies. There is one extra special feature unique to the tooney map, though. As you take down more and more Bubble Buddies, you are rewarded with Ammo Coins from Barg-N-Mart that will help you re-supply ammo for the next round.

While original video games can be fun, creative fans like Playingtowin89's can add a fun twist to popular games. To my fellow gamers, have fun exploring unique mods, and please comment below and share your favorite mods!


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