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Things just got real ya'll! This new trailer for 'Suicide Squad' brings on the jokes, and Joker:-)

WOW, if you weren't excited for this movie, you are now! A new Suicide Squad trailer premiered at the MTV Movie Awards, and featured a way lighter tone than the rest! There were jokes galore, more Joker, and more Batman (which we will never complain about), as well as a closer look at Harley Quinn and the rest of the squad.

In one of the best clips, the entire squad freezes as Harley utters an "Uh-Oh" as the Joker can be heard laughing, as if Dad's home, so the kids need to play good now. Watch below!

In the new scene featuring Batman, Ben Affleck's caped crusader lunges from a building to catch a falling Harley Quinn. Is he fighting alongside the squad against the Joker? Also, the trailer mentions another famous cape of DC,Superman, and that even though he's a good guy, what if he wasn't, like the Suicide Squad? Can they be controlled?

Harley continues to be the star of the trailers with her sassy one-liners in the middle of her whooping some serious a**. The trailer also featured a lot more Will Smith, and more of his humor, making Deadshot not as deadpanned as he has been in the previous trailers. I have to say.. ME LIKEY!

It's clear they are going for a more Deadpool style film with this new trailer. Foul mouths, entertaining action sequences with smart-a** jokes, which definitely works. I just hope they keep some of the twisted dark parts of the film too! Regardless, this movie may just be the best to come out of the DCEU yet!

'Suicide Squad' hits theaters August 5th, 2016!


Do you like Suicide Squad's new funnier tone?


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