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I love Marvel Studios and every thing they put out year-after-year! I can't wait to watch every show on DC on TV throughout the week. I am enamored with every facet of these universes and I love to find out more. They vex me in a way, that's currently upsetting me more than BvS. It had three-years to work out all the kinks and it still had so many plot-holes. I was fine at first, but now -- I'm sorry, I digressed. Let's ignore any movie before 2010 in the X-Men canon, so we can forget the past and move forward. Plus, Days of Future Past wiped clean all those events in their film canon.

I've enjoyed every X-Men movie since First Class and I cannot wait for X-Men: Apocalypse. Right now, it's being overshadowed by Civil War and I completely understand. Recently, I find myself upset with current conditions of both Marvel and DC's cinematic slate. I'm still super-excited, but there's one thing that just bugs the f**k out of me. Here are three things on Fox could possibly have the other shared-universes beat in terms of quality. (Is the recent news of Inhumans possibly being delayed, means a crossover between The Avengers and X-Men?)


Recently Fox struck a deal with Marvel allowing them to show their Marvel properties on the small screen. The specifics of that deal have yet to be release to the public. One can speculate at the specifics, but we know that Fox is putting out two shows that deal with their X-Universe. One of those shows is called 'Legion' and will be on FX -- I'm not sure when, but it'll be huge news when it's announced. The casting is well on its way and I'll most definitely watch it when it premieres, but that's not what this article is about. I would love to speculate on how we could see Silver Surfer and Galactus at Marvel Studios and what that could mean for the future of Marvel's MCU. Yet, there's no news and I rather explain why the X-Universe is pretty sweet!

If you watch a television show, you put in a lot of time and commitment in seeing your favorite characters every week. Marvel said that they're all connected and DC went the Multi-Verse route in explaining their shows. I don't care about the strife between divisions, or that they wouldn't fit in their shared-cinematic-universe because they're so dark. Why not include our favorite characters on the big screen and appease everyone that spent a great deal amount of time on that certain show. The majority of people that purchases a ticket to the superhero movie doesn't even watch the show, or necessarily care about whose even cast. We're fanboys and as of late -- we rule the world. The X-Men franchise have a chance to do something that Marvel nor DC have yet to accomplished on the big screen -- we might see the television side merge with their cinematic ventures!

2) They can go kid-friendly or a Hard-R like a pirate with an erection!

I was so happy when Deadpool killed everyone at the box office and showed everyone that an R-Rating is only bad when the film is also horrible as well. I know that BvS is going to be released on Blu-Ray with an R-Rating, but what are the chances of seeing a movie like Deadpool from DC at the cinema? There's no possible way that Marvel will ever release something like Wade Wilson in theaters also -- and It doesn't bug me at all because Marvel is the gold standard of superhero movies . Marvel Studios likes to keep their darker stuff on Netflix; DC likes to keep the dark stuff in their films and keep their television shows light and funny. There are no wrong ways to go about this, but there's an excitement that brews when something you one thought once impossible becomes reality.

I don't think every movie should go big or go home -- depending on the characters involved, all that matters is the story being told to the audience. I'll admit, I find it kind of annoying that every movie must lead into another and there's no end in sight. This makes some movies feel like filler and that's a horrible feeling walking away from a movie that you've been wanting to see for a very long time. By being this flexible in the rating, it allows the studios to tell any story that strikes their fancy. As a fan, I'm all for telling the best stories possible and it seems like Fox is in position to deliver that pipe dream. My interest in Wolverine 3 is piqued, due to the promise of all the gore and entrails that comes with Mr. Wolvie! Marvel Studios and DC do not have the luxury of this and only one is currently pushing the envelope on what comic book movies could be! (I want Suicide Squad to be amazing and help launch DC)!


I'm not sure, but I think I am one of the few people actually excited for The Inhumans from Marvel Studios. In the back of every fan's mind, they sorta of dream that Wolverine will be part of Marvel's MCU! I think if we'll ever see Deadpool and Spider-Man together on the big screen -- then everyone will lose their minds! That option will always be there and we still don't know what Marvel received in exchange for the television rights? I hope that Marvel Studios just got Silver Surfer and Galactus back from Fox. I completely ignored the Fantastic Four because I believe that their franchise will be dead for sometime floating in comic-book movie limbo. I still cannot fathom seeing Silver Surfer next to Iron Man, or Star-Lord in time for Avengers: Infinity War Part One! This would make me love Fox's Marvel Cinematic Universe and I'm sure most fans would agree that move would be amazing!

I'm curious to find out how the masses reacts to X-23 taking over Wolverine's place in the X-Men universe (she should)? With DOFP altering the timeline this allows for the writers to do some wonky stuff that might actually make sense; Fox could recast anyone they like to fit their current slate of films, which the other ones cannot do without the fans reacting like 'WTF'!

On a side note, I love the way the X-Men movies are set in different eras throughout the latest trilogy. This sets them apart from other movies and they just look super-cool! I've been wondering how exactly could they do Old Man Logan in the new timeline. I know that they cannot use a lot of the characters (they belong to Marvel Studios), but with everything that happened during The Wolverine -- what will carry over in his solo movie? It makes no sense to be a direct continuation of his previous entries and there's only one suggestion I could make that would make sense. I want X-23 and Daken to be introduced in his last movie. This is why:

The next movie that will take place in the main trilogy will all likely be set in the 90's. Hugh Jackman said that this will be his last movie and the X-Men need a Wolverine. Have the movie be set around the same time as Deadpool and Logan finds out he has a long, lost bastard named Daken -- he's causing a great deal of trouble in L.A.. There's no way that Daken could take Wolvie's place due to the fact that his source material makes him a brat, but we deserve the superior version.

X-23 needs to be available in other versions -- that's why I think they should do a Bucky Barnes with her and have her be on ice until this movie. It'd be cool to see her be super-viscous in another movie and this is her's transition to being a hero (yes, time will be wonky, but could make sense). They could have her star in Singer's new movie and the crazed, killing machine and needs to learn what it means to be an X-Men. Wolverine will kill Daken and that's the reason he stops being an X-Men. This movie will have a lot of challenges and I can't wait to see it!


What about Genosha? The X-Men franchise have so many possibilities of where they could go in their movies. I love Marvel Studios the most out of any franchises, but Fox could improve on some of their weaker areas. They have an abundance of source material to comb through and I'll be on edge waiting for anything on Fantastic Four. It's a shame that we have no news regarding their current circumstance, but maybe one day Marvel's first family will be home. We're living in the best times to be fans and I think it'll only get better from here!



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