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So, does this mean that Luke will train Rey in the ways of the Force, and could he really be her father?

No one is a bigger fan of Daisy Ridley than Mark Hamill himself. He is constantly praising her on social media, and I don't know about you, but I am getting serious father daughter vibes from them!

Mark posted a photo of himself and Daisy Ridley on the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII filming at Pinewood studios in London to wish Miss Ridley a happy birthday. The photo, while new, looks very familiar though:

A long time ago (last week I think) In a galaxy far, far way(@PinewoodStudios ) THIS happened! Happy Birthday Daisy! Star Wars Daisy Ridley

Posted by Mark Hamill on Sunday, April 10, 2016

So, adorable right? Now, how does it look familiar? I seem to recall another very similar situation between Jedi and apprentice in a galaxy far, far, away.

We know where The Force Awakens ended; Rey had succeeded in finding Luke's hiding spot, and returning him his light saber. So, if Rey and Luke are filming together, does that mean he takes it? What's more, does that mean he agrees to train her in the ways of the Force? Rey seems to be more powerful of a Jedi than even Luke was at her age, and Luke must see that.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Now, as I wrote earlier, these two sure act pretty chummy to each other, and I get TOTAL father daughter vibes from them — especially in this photo. They clearly have gotten very close, and I think that is a clue about where their characters' relationship will go.

Luke would know the minute he saw Rey that she was his abandoned daughter, but there is no way he would tell her, because no one could know. It would make Rey even more of a target for Kylo Ren and Snoke. Will he train her to become the best Jedi she can be, then fight with her to save Kylo Ren and restore the balance? Everything points to her being a Skywalker, but is it too obvious to be true? That is the question.

Star Wars: Episode VIII won't hit theaters until December 2017, so we have plenty of things to stew over and theories to debunk, but I feel confident that Luke will be Rey's Yoda, and I am so here for that!


Do you think Rey is Luke's daughter?


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