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Fear the Walking Dead comes back for its season 2 to fill up the empty slot left by 'The Walking Dead' and its much debated season finale last Sunday. Still trying to wrap their minds around the 'infection' outbreak that took over Los Angeles and their lives, the Survivors go on board the yacht Abigail, just as the city is consumed by fire and bombs behind them.

'Monster' clearly wasn't an action packed premiere, but it sure had its moments. Here are some of the most important ones, just to keep you up to date.

[Spoiler warning for Fear The Walking Dead - Season 2]

Live and let Die

Victor Strand, Madison and Travis
Victor Strand, Madison and Travis

Madison and Travis have a fall out over the morals of leaving people behind and choosing to protect their own. When the Survivors on the Abigail spot a boat full of people screaming for help, they're left with the option of aiding strangers who might jeopardize their boat, or leaving them to fend for themselves. Madison is still hanging on her humanity for dear life, but Travis and Victor utterly disagree with her.

They end up not bringing the stranded survivors onto the boat, but Madison remains torn about it and about how many people they'll have to leave behind as they try to get to San Diego. It's Travis who sets her straight, reminding her that in dire times such as this, they can only help and protect so many. Family comes first to him, although his son would definitely have a different take on this.

Fish Food

Chris and Daniel Salazar
Chris and Daniel Salazar

Travis' son, Chris, has a hard time - a very long time at that - dealing with the loss of his mom. Though it seems the fact that his father was the one to pull the trigger and prevent Lisa from becoming a walker stings Chris the most. Throughout the episode he goes around sulking and hating Travis, to the point he literally shoves his mom's body into the ocean. Oh yes, because despite being attacked by walkers on the beach, they managed to leave what could be essential supplies behind, just so they could carry Lisa's body to Abigail with them. Phew. Glad that is out of the way.

Chris and his dad have it at each other, and Travis gets a 'I'm so mad at you for killing my mom who would become a walker' punch in the face. Madison later tries to fix things and have a heart-to-heart with Chris, sharing a moment when she also hit her dad - how common is it in America anyway? - but it doesn't seem to help in the slightest.

Walker Relay Swimming

Dang, walkers can swim.

You'd think you'd be totally safe on a boat, surrounded by water on every side, land and walkers a distant memory. Nope. They can actually survive pretty well in water, and they do move about, though at a much lower speed. Not that walkers are particularly fast on their feet, but the underwater shots give off a feel of sluggishness that is actually pretty cool - and quite creepy. It's like slo-mo walkers, dangerous all the same, but with a twist.

We first see one in the opening sequence, and later more when Nick jumps in the ocean after Chris - who jumped for a swim. Really? Anyways, Nick spots the swimmers first and even manages to retrieve a log from a boat that had turned over. I truly hope there's some nice info there and this wasn't for nothing.

**My mind went back to 'The Walking Dead' and the Governor, when he tells Lilly that walkers can't cross over water, or something of the sort. (Am I on the wrong track here, folks? Help me out.)

Jack Sparrow


I mean, not really, but you'll get the point.

Alicia spends most of the episode in contact with this guy, Jack, over the radio. Jack is another survivor who, along with his brother and his sister-in-law, are in desperate need of assistance. Victor refuses to go for them, after making sure everyone on board understands he's the boss.

Turns out, the boat Nick finds the log in was possibly turned over by Jack and his people, and their course leads them straight to Abigail. Victor Strand doesn't seem happy about it, but that's all the premiere gives us to chew on. We still don't know if Jack and his gang are pirates - or something of the sorts - but it's a nice hint that the Survivors will have more than boat problems to worry about this season.

Madison and Travis
Madison and Travis

Honestly, 'Monster' didn't really do it for me, especially since there was no actual monster on this episode - Chris would dub his father one, but that's another story. After the mild first season, I'd hoped 'Fear' would have come back with a bang to get us all hyped for more. It didn't. The plot seems solid though, so there's still hope for a much better season.

What did YOU think of the premiere?

The episode 2 of 'Fear The Walking Dead', 'We all fall down', airs Sunday, April 17, on AMC.


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