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There's still a rush of adrenaline leaving everyone who has seen the new Suicide Squad footage. There were so many good things happening in those 2 plus minutes — so much so that we all could have missed this possibly huge hint.

First we saw Scott Eastwood's character standing with the Suicide Squad members. But what's that on his arm?

He doesn't have the tattoo in real life, so it could mean something in the movie.

The tattoo on his arm is an arsenal cannon. The identity Roy Harper goes by is Arsenal.


Since we don't yet know who he'll be portraying in the film, this tattoo definitely lends credence to him being Arsenal. If he's Arsenal, then Green Arrow is in this universe too. This could also mean that Red Hood is there — the two are good friends in the comics. So, it's possible that Harper (Arsenal) is undercover, looking for the Joker, the person that killed Jason Todd.

We know the Joker is in the movie. We saw the Robin suit in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) , hung up with the signature "HAHAHA" of the Joker written across it.

Robin suit in 'Batman v Superman'
Robin suit in 'Batman v Superman'

Although Batman v Superman's main bad guy is Lex Luther, the film still hints that the Joker played a part in the death of Jason Todd. This, in turn, could be the reason Batman is after him in Suicide Squad. This could lead to the new Batman solo, adapting the Under the Red Hood story. Or the DCEU could give us a twist, having Eastwood portray Jason Todd the entire time, with an arsenal tattoo to represent a dead Roy Harper. It's entirely up in the air until the movie releases.

Go see 'Suicide Squad' when it hits August 5, 2016.

Do you think Scott Eastwood is playing Arsenal in 'Suicide Squad'?


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