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I love our current cast for Avengers I had my doubts about some of the actors when they were first chosen. They all however have shown to be amazing individuals that have made each character their own. I do however sometimes stop to wonder what if Phase 1 started in 1998 instead of 2008. My mind started to wonder who could have been cast to play Earth's mightiest heroes back then? I decided to stick to the original Avengers for now so that means Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are about to be.......RECASTED! Lets start of with the big guy himself!


Yes I could totally see Johnny Depp playing Bruce Banner and its just not the certain picture i chose that does this. I mean when you think about the characters that Depp has portrayed most of them are fantastical and require extra make up or CGI. He truly is an expert at playing such grandiose and immense characters and what bigger character than the hulk! He also has the charm to be Bruce Banner.


I'm not gonna lie recasting Hawkeye was pretty hard but ultimately I had to give it to Keanu Reeves. I mean when i think of marksman i cant stop thinking of John Wick. Keanu was also might i remind you Neo in the Matrix! Then you just have the simple fact that its KEANU REEVES!


Do i need say more about this casting choice? I mean you have Black Widow one of the most lethal assassins in the MCU and who better to play her than Lara Croft herself. Angelina Jolie just has an intense stare and has proven to be a huge action star. I could really see her going in and out of battle alongside the Avengers.


I know you're probably thinking i just chose Brad Pitt because of his hair in that picture and you're partially correct. The big reason i could see Brad as the god of thunder though is because of his performance in Troy hes total B.A!


Matt Damon would be my choice for an earlier Captain America well because look at him! Its not only that but Matt Damon does have the certain attitude i believe Captain America should have. I mean he is no stranger to hand to hand combat either because in cause you forgot he is Jason Bourne! ITs time for the final recast and i saved the best for last! The Man Of Steel!

No! I didnt mean that man of steel i meant the other guy.
No! I didnt mean that man of steel i meant the other guy.


Its the role that Tom turned down and he rightfully could have played the heck out of just as RDJ has been doing. I mean Tom Cruise is a tremendous action star and not only that but can play the sarcastic witty guy with ease. I could totally see Tom and Matt bumping heads in Civil War if these castings had happened.



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