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Already, we have a third trailer for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad. At the MTV Movie Awards we received another trailer in the same vein as the previous one, sticking with that darkly fun tone, check it out:

We heard reports over the weekend from test screenings of the film that Suicide Squad actually features a lot more Batman than we originally expected. Considering how Ben Affleck's take on the Dark Knight is the biggest takeaway from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it's a good move by Warner Bros to include him strongly in this film as well.

The trailer is full of cool moments, from Batman rescuing Harley Quinn from drowning to the Joker looking pretty disfigured.

Batman rescues Harley Quinn.
Batman rescues Harley Quinn.

We heard reports shortly after the release of Batman v Superman that Warner Bros. are going back to Suicide Squad for re-shoots to add levity to the film, the reaction to these reports baffled me. Every big budget film, especially when within the superhero genre, schedules re-shoots. I doubt the re-shoots were to add levity as most of the footage we've seen already looks pretty fun. Jai Courtney who plays Captain Boomerang in the film stated that they're simply going back to add some more action to the film, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the action he's referring to involves Batman, considering the highly positive response to him in Batman v Superman.

I loved this trailer, I love the tone they're going for, it's not too serious and it's a different flavor of humor then something you'd see over at Marvel. The characters look great, I like how much Harley Quinn we get in this trailer as well as some more cool shots of the Joker.

Suicide Squad hits cinemas August 5th. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the trailer and follow me on Twitter @JamesPorter97.


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