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Bond, James Bond is 47, or at least Daniel Craig is. But looking as good as he does means that this suave looking Englishman comes across as old and young at the same time.

Not that this is a bad thing, after all, many men would kill to have a body like Bond. Also, as much of a player as 007 is, the women I am sure still want to be with him even after all these years. 53 years into Bond’s never ending film carrier, James still has what it’s got.

Included in a large list of hot 47-year-old celebrities are Jamie Foxx, Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Will Smith. Considering just these people alone, Daniel Craig stands among some good company. But this is not so critical to the character that is James Bond, after all George Lazenby was only 29 when he made his one attempt, Sean Connery aged 31 to 40, and Roger Moore went to extremes from the ages of 44 until he was 57.

What is more important to note, is how desperate Craig seems to be to leave Bond behind.

“I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists” he was quoted as saying during an interview in London in early October. (Bond) “is actually a misogynist” the actor would later carry on to say during the interview. “A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long.”

I guess when you only get the chance to talk about one kind of thing over and over again, no matter how impacting and popular it might be, it must really take the shine out of it. Beautiful locations, women and cars is clearly not everything in the movie world, although we are lead to believe it is.

Rumours are already spreading that Daniel Craig is set to leave the role (although many other sources say that a contract could be in place to pay him up to $31 million just to stay on for both Spectre and a fifth Bond film). So also comes rumours of possible big name actors who are in line to play the next rendition of Bond. Idris Alba from films such as Prometheus and Marvel’s Thor, as well as Damien Lewis from hit TV series ‘Homeland’ are just some of the those going around the rumour mill. Fans are quick to jump on social media with their piece of golden wisdom and of these, many seems keen to see a sophisticated Black man as the next 007.

Of course sure why not! These are vastly different times in film compared to those of the 60’s and 70’s and what James Bond might just need after Daniel Craig finally moves on is a refreshed and vibrant new look at Bond in today’s fast paced world of ‘live and let die’.

Money always talks however, and you can bet that Hollywood would be wanting to pay a pretty penny to keep an actor around who has made James Bond as successful as it is now.

After the badly thrown together 20th addition of James Bond’s ‘Die another day’ back in 2002, Eon Productions began a 3-year over-haul of the entire story that makes up 007.

What was to come next was an exciting 10 years of fast, violent and reckless fiction that would see Daniel Craig battered, bruised and thrown around more so than Bond may have ever been done before. Not that Bond wasn’t pushed to his limits in the original 20 films, but this new telling of how Bond gained his ‘double O’ status with a licence to kill, was one that fans desperately needed to renew their faith in an age old character like this.

Connery himself has (over the years) given mixed reactions of Bond, from saying jokingly that he hated 007 and wanted to kill him to commenting with great fondness of caring for the character and the future of franchise. “It’s with me ‘til I go in the box” Sean Connery once said.

Whatever happens to Bond across the next 10 years and beyond, one thing is for sure – When it comes to Bond, James Bond 007, Daniel Craig will be remembered as one of the greats, and one day he may even stop to talk of him fondly. Time changes things including our own perceptions.

I’m sure Bond will more than likely out live all of us, after all, we only live twice…

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