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In short what happened is Vegeta vs Hit match started. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta absolutely failed to keep up with the hitman hit. Hit just kept brutally hurting Vegeta at his weak points like Collar bone, Kidney, Ribs and all. If you are a fighter you will actually feel how painful those moves could be. And Hit’s attacks were so brutal it was almost like it was sending energy blasts through Vegeta. Hit totally out maneuvered Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and knocked him out cold. Vegeta was hurt so bad that Trunks, Goten and Krillen went right to him after the match. And Krillen gave senzu beans to Vegeta. So it’s like finally things are getting serious on the tournament. A super saiyan god completely outmatched!

Hit smashes Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
Hit smashes Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
Monaka's Mystery Revealed- Dragon Ball Super
Monaka's Mystery Revealed- Dragon Ball Super

Oh and a big news! My theory was Correct! Monaka isn’t really stronger than Goku and is a fraud! Beerus said that he was stronger than them only to motivate them to push themselves beyond their limits. So basically Goku vs Hit is in a way is the final match of the tournament. I can’t say I am shocked or disappointed because I never wanted a Hit vs Monaka final match anyway.

Watch The Vegeta vs Hit Match:

However, Goku is in next to fight Hit. Now Goku instead of going super saiyan blue right away decides to fight Hit in his base form. Goku tries to get behind and attack Hit on his foots but fails and suffers taking blows from Hit somewhat similar to that of Vegeta. At that point of time it looked like that it wasn’t really a great idea to fight him in his base form as Goku is taking damages. But later we realize it was actually clever move. Goku didn’t want to power up and damage Hit. Instead he was saving his god ki and energy because he was trying to figure out how to counter Hit. So at that point strength wasn’t necessary. And it looks like the plan did work out. Goku was able to figure out a way to counter Hit. He defends and lands a fast punch in Hit’s face. And he actually cut Hit!! Then Hit tries to attack him again and Goku defends again and lands a brutal kick on Hit. Hit is finally moved and realizes it’s time to get serious. As he takes his hands out of his pocket! Goku also takes a serious stance. And from the trailer of episode 39 we see Goku goes super saiyan blue and Hit also powers up. And hit actually lands a perfectly brutal punch on god from Goku.

Goku vs Hit Till Now:

I want to mention one thing here. Some fans are saying Vegeta couldn’t figure out how to counter Hit but Goku did. So Vegeta is nowhere near Goku’s level or shits like that. But the fact that you have to understand is Vegeta won 3 matches back to back before this and then he was the first to face Hit. And had no idea about his moves; but Goku saw Hit using his moves against Vegeta. So it was easier for him to figure out.

Goku counters Hit's Timeskip technique
Goku counters Hit's Timeskip technique

Overall the episode awesome and action packed. .

But the animation quality wasn’t. Like the entire episode didn’t have bad animation quality but some frames were so awful! It absolutely pissed me off man! Like Vegeta’s back and legs were so poorly drawn on some frames. They were some floppy moments with Hit too.

This Review Was Made Based On The Raw Version.

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