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It's alright, guys. You can breathe. DC just used the MTV Movie Awards to debut a third, full-length trailer for Suicide Squad, and whatever you thought of Batman v Superman, this one is the game-changer.

Before we get to the trailer, which is predominantly new footage, director David Ayer tweeted this morning to clarify the rumors about DC ordering reshoots to add humor to his movie:

"Not everything you read on the internet is true" shocker! Now that we've got that cleared up, let's go ahead and break down these 2 minutes and 30 seconds of glittering, blistering insanity.

We begin with Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) discussing a certain, absent DC hero in what is presumably a meeting of senior FBI agents.

Amanda Waller: A ruthless leader
Amanda Waller: A ruthless leader

One of Waller's colleagues poses the question, "What if Superman had decided to fly down, grab the President right out of the Oval Office — who would've stopped him?"

The wording is ambiguous, but suggests that this film does indeed take place after the events of Dawn of Justice — not before, as had previously been believed. It also suggests the world doesn't entirely trust Superman, even after he died a hero.

"You Don't Own Me" by Grace plays over the following shots of Rick Flag assembling his boss's team of killer criminals, which is beautifully ironic, considering the ruthless Waller does in fact own the Squad, and has the power to hit destruct on the bombs implanted in their necks.

Rick Flag commands Waller's Squad - but who's that (left)?
Rick Flag commands Waller's Squad - but who's that (left)?

Although he has no lines in the trailer, we do glimpse the unknown character played by Scott Eastwood — considering the cannon tattoo adorning his right arm, could be this be Roy Harper, otherwise known as Arsenal?

Deadshot (Will Smith) takes aim, Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) suits up, while Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) shows off some serious skin. Fair to say this girl gets off on being the center of attention. A very brief shot also reveals that her varsity jacket is emblazoned with the word JOKER on the back, which is awesome.

The mission kicks into gear and Amanda Waller reassures her guys at the FBI, "they get caught, we throw 'em under the bus." Callous, but then she didn't become one of the most powerful women in the USA by being your friendly neighborhood pussycat.

The Squad's crash landing in a military Chinook is intercut with the gang goofing around in a bar. El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) orders water, which, once you've seen what he can do, is probably just as well.

As an aside, who is that cowering behind the tomb in a black coat? It looks like it could be Boomerang (Jai Courtney), which would suggest not everybody in the team gets along like a house on fire (my apologies!) — then again, it could be anyone.

We also see an awesome shot of Katana slicing her sword through the head of a scaly creature, which, from the way it crumbles, looks like it could be a part of some kind of dark army created by Enchantress (Cara Delevingne).

Fans of the ultra badass Batmobile from Dawn of Justice (i.e. people with eyes) will be thrilled to see the squat-stanced combat vehicle make a comeback here, suggesting Batman's (Ben Affleck) role is bigger than we realized.

We also see the Caped Crusader take a dive into the river, before later emerging with a soaked, unconscious Harley Quinn in his arms.

Seems to me that while most of the scenes featuring Harley and the Joker together are flashbacks (i.e. the joyride in the pink Lamborghini with Batman on the roof, which is presumably what lands her in prison to begin with), the Joker catches up with Quinn in the present day after hearing that she's gone AWOL.

Then again, the Joker's Lambo appears to break a barrier and crash into water, which might suggest Batman features only in those flashbacks.

Suicide Squad is a treat for the eyes. All hail Ayer!
Suicide Squad is a treat for the eyes. All hail Ayer!

The biggest takeaway from the trailer? That this movie looks like an absolute riot. Reshoots or no, it seems highly unlikely that anybody will be leaving the theater without a big fat grin on their face. On a visual level, Suicide Squad also looks phenomenal, drenched in neon and expensive CGI. The jury's still out on Deadshot, who looks a touch serious, but in David Ayer we trust.

Check out the full trailer below.

And tell me:

Will 'Suicide Squad' be the movie of the year?


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