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Ever since Zack Snyder revealed that he was forced to cut 30 minutes of footage from [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), fans have been desperate to find out exactly what secrets those deleted scenes are hiding. By now I'm sure you all know that an R-Rated "Ultimate Edition" will be released when the blu-ray is, but could we see it even before then?

In Heroic Insider's third YouTube episode, host Umberto Gonzalez discussed the possibility of the Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition being released not only on dvd and blu-ray, but to cinemas as well.

Superman blocks Batman's attack.
Superman blocks Batman's attack.
"Warner Bros. is seriously considering giving the three hour cut of BVS a theatrical run before the July 16th home video release date across all platforms."

Although Batman v Superman was well received by most fans, the movie was panned by critics and has subsequently performed poorly at the box office after a stellar opening weekend. Without going into the numbers, suffice to say that while Dawn Of Justice has made some serious bank for Warner Brothers, the overall profits aren't nearly what the studio hoped and don't really justify the astronomical $400m budget.

As co-host Daniel Alter pointed out, a theatrical release of the R-Rated Ultimate Edition could "goose" these numbers, prompting fans to see the movie again and discover what they missed out on the first time around. But is it plausible?

Will we see more Diana in the Ultimate Edition?
Will we see more Diana in the Ultimate Edition?

Honestly, it's the date of this supposed theatrical release which has me doubting the veracity of this rumor. It's not unheard of for alternate cuts of popular movies to be released to cinemas (Bladerunner, in particular, has seen many an alternate version re-released over the years).

But these releases usually come years after the movie was first shown, on anniversaries or to boost dvd sales. Logistically speaking, there just isn't enough time to hype up the Ultimate Edition's theatrical release before July 16th.

Batman and Superman face off in the rain.
Batman and Superman face off in the rain.

So could we see the Ultimate Edition in cinemas? I'd say it's likely, but probably not so soon. The timing is a bit too tight to be released before July. It's possible Warner Brothers will hold off on a home release of the extended cut, so that they can release it to cinemas later on in 2016. But if they do that, they'll losing out on dvd and blu-ray sales.

It's a tricky issue, and I definitely don't envy the WB execs right now! It's likely that we'll just have to wait to buy the blu-ray to find out exactly what's in those tantalisingly R-Rated deleted scenes, and whether they fill the gaping plot holes that Batman v Superman is riddled with.

What do you want to see in the 'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Edition?

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