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Is Suicide Squad ready to turn the DCEU back on track?

If you haven't seen it already, take a look at the latest trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad (SS).

So... If you haven't heard, After the recent (critics) ratings of BvS the cast and crew of SS were recalled to shoot some extra scenes. It was reported that they are wanting to add some more humour and apparently a few more explosive action scenes. We knew we were in for a much darker DC Universe as opposed to the family friendly Marvel movies of late. When BvS finally came out, it wasn't just dark, it was gloomy, dreary and just outright depressing. Could this be Warner Bros reason for the reshoots?

The first trailer we saw led us to believe that this movie was going down the same dark, dreary path, but the 2 latest trailers show us some more humorous tones throughout. A dark subject with effortless humour thrown in would make this movie a far more interesting and easier watch, in my opinion.

here's the first, more serious trailer for comparison.


Do you want a dark, serious Suicide Squad, or a n easier, funner watch?


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