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Henry Cavill has some serious competition flying his way for the next Superman casting as The Rock steps into the ring, complete with the blue and red outfit for some aggressive fighting talk.

At the MTV Awards on Saturday Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock) spandexed up with co-host Kevin Hart as the DC stars of Batman v Superman, during one of their most outrageous stages of the show, to take advantage of the littering of Marvel actors in the audience.

Johnson challenged:

"I smell a lot of Marvel bitches up in here."

First Mr. Rock hollered that he would slap people back into earlier parts of their careers. Which is silly. Chris Evans (Captain America) was told he'd be smashed back to his performance as the Human Torch in the much-panned Fantastic Four.

Next up was Chris Pratt, Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, who was loudly informed that The Rock was going to pile-drive him back to sitcoms — he cut his acting teeth in TV series like Parks and Recreation.

Samuel L. Jackson was the next to receive the laser eyes of the duo. Hart, comically minuscule next to The Rock's pillar of muscle, at first attempted to reign in his co-host's provocation of the actor of Ultimate Nick Fury in several Marvel movies. Hart relented Rocky's aggression, yelling:

"I ain’t afraid of Sam, I ain’t afraid of you! You don’t think we know you got a lazy eye up under that patch, bitch, you lazy eye-patched bitch! I get the Bat flying all over your ass, Sam!"

The Rock had to soothe his excited fellow host, holding back a chuckle, saying:

"He’s not worth it."

Marvel superfans will know this "lazy eye" accusation is probably unfounded, as in the MCU the only detail he gives is that it happened "the last time I trusted someone".

MTV was not the first occasion The Rock has donned the swag of the supers — as well as being cast as Black Adam in Shazam! (to be released in 2019), 16 years ago he featured as Clark Kent on a Saturday Night Live sketch. Perhaps he's trying to tell casting agents something.

Watch the clip here.

What superhero would you most like to see The Rock play?

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