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After a frustrating cliffhanger ending to Season 6 of The Walking Dead, us fans have been busy theorizing about who it was that got up close and personal with Lucille. While sadly there's no way of knowing just yet who it was that got killed (the scene hasn't even been filmed yet), we might have had a little insight as to what the victim might look like post-Lucille, thanks to Greg Nicotero,

Nicotero, who directed the finale episode, recently posted a behind-the-scenes video to Instagram in which he explodes a head using compressed air! Take a look at the clip below, but don't try to read too much into the gender or facial details of the exploding victim — remember, this little beauty is purely a test:

Instead of using fake blood, Nicotero simply used water for this test, though judging by what we just witnessed, when he eventually explodes a (fake) head for real, it's going to be pretty, pretty, pretty messy.

Greg Nicotero's exploding head.
Greg Nicotero's exploding head.

While there's no definite confirmation that Nicotero was testing this explosion for The Walking Dead, considering the circumstances, I think it's pretty safe to say he was. Besides, with The Walking Dead beginning filming on Season 7 in May, the special effects department must be working overtime to prepare all the blood, guts and gore that the season premiere promises.

'The Walking Dead' will return to screens with Season 7 in October.

Do you think this is what we can expect Negan's victim to look like?



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